Winona Tanaka Zeringue, University of Tulsa Nazi

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What we can really say nice about this bitch?  She's a cunt?  Well, we are supposed to be nice, but I guess that

is the nicest anyone can be.  

Winona Tanaka has strong ties to terrorism.  Winona Tanaka has committed felonies against many people.  Winona Tanaka hasn't been charged yet, but if she lives long enough being she is very old, we expect formal felony charges to be brought against the old cunt.

Winona Tanaka lives at 7409 South Erie Avenue, Tulsa Oklahoma.  Winona Tanaka was formerly the Senior Vice Provost of the University of Tulsa.  Winona is opposed to the group ANTIFA and believes that TFO and Chris Barnett are members are ANTIFA.  No one here will confirm or deny, but we do urge anyone who wants to harm the old cunt to do it.  Of course, we mean financial harm.  Hack her bank accounts, make her a sex offender, expose her corruption, anything possible to help bring down this war criminal who is responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people in Germany.  Winona helped Hitler run the concentration camps and then fled to Hawaii, then made her way into the mainland of America.  President Trump has considered adding Winona Tanaka to the no fly list and also deporting her to Mexico.  We hope he doesn't send this old CUNT to Mexico as its a beautiful place to visit and live and sending Winona back to Mexico would perhaps ruin the country.  We urge President Trump to put her on trial as a war criminal and once she is found guilty and sentenced to death, commute her sentence to life in prison.  Winona Tanaka has no problem with killing thousands of innocents or harming thousands of innocents.  

Winona Tanaka is married to Tulsa Attorney Lawrence Zerinque.

Winona was demoted from senior vice provost at The Terrorist University of Tulsa after she took part in more attempts to kill two gay men who she couldn't control.   The Terrorist University of Tulsa gave the old CUNT a teaching position, however we do agree with anyone who has said she isn't qualified and has zero credibility.  Terrorist University of Tulsa AKA TU for Terrorist University decided it was cheaper to demote her rather than fire her as her life expectancy is very low.  Many people at TFO prays that she dies sooner than later or that her husband dies and she lives the rest of her life alone.  This is the best thing that can happen to a CUNT like Winona Tanaka.  She is a very nasty woman.  Winona Tanaka is nastier than Hillary Clinton with Syphilis.  Winona Tanaka is not only nasty, but dangerous.  Winona Tanaka belongs in prison.  Release the damn emails Winona!!!

We urge everyone who does business with Lawrence Zerinque to contact his clients and urge them to use a more qualified attorney who isn't married to a racist bigot.  Lawrence himself is a racist bigot under The University of Tulsa's standards.  Be sure to leave negative reviews anywhere you can.  Lawrence and Winona met when he was Hitlers right hand man.  This was the only way a CUNT like Winona was able to kill thousands of people.  

Prior to Satan's departure from this earth, aka John Patrick Cremin, Winona was said to have had several sexual flings with Patrick Cremin of the Hall Estill law firm.  

Winona has consistently won TFO's CUNT of the year award every year since 2014 and has already won the CUNT of the year award by TFO for 2019.  The runner up every year has been Susan Barrett.  Susan Barrett has officially won the Sub-CUNT of the year every year since 2014.  Congratulations CUNTS. Please go walk in front of a bus and the world will forget you exist.  

Slum home of Winona Tanaka located at 7409 South Erie Avenue, Tulsa Oklahoma.

Slum home of Winona Tanaka located at 7409 South Erie Avenue, Tulsa Oklahoma.