Terrorist University Lies again

It's interesting to see the bogus arguments of The Terrorist University of Tulsa.  Chris Barnett is not the Plaintiff in the lawsuit filed against Terrorist University.  Even in open court, Judge Jefferson Sellers Delapp admits that Chris Barnett is not subject to any protective order.  When asked, Chris Barnett denied ever obtaining any documents from his husband, George Barnett and said "This shows how desperate the University of Tulsa and their attorney's at Hall Estill are.  As I've said over and over, The University of Tulsa has done nothing to move this lawsuit forward and they are hell bent on trying to harm Trey.  Trey has suffered since 2014 with no relief in sight from the courts.  The University of Tulsa claims they are victims, but Trey is the true victim.  The University of Tulsa does not want the truth to come out and once again they are trying to hide depositions, which Trey has tried to take for years, behind a protective order.  Unfortunately, I believe Trey would be better off killing himself so I can collect the life insurance and not have to deal with the Nazi's from Hall Estill or The University of Tulsa any longer.  I would miss him for a day and no one would care that a University drove him to suicide.  That's how sad America has become.  No one gives a fuck.  They only care about the toilet paper degree to wipe their ass with, but they don't give a damn when a University has drawn out a lawsuit where they fucked up and they stole Trey's tuition and even admit to having a PLAN in place.  Fuck it, fuck them all.  I hope I get to see the day when Winona Tanaka, Susan Barrett, Tara Moses, Keith Wilkes, Johnathan Rogers and every son of a bitch who has conspired with The University of Tulsa and Winona Tanaka die.  I hope they are fucking blown to shreds for their crimes.  They deserve to die, but I'll have no control over it and it wont be by my hand.  I hope a school shooting at The University of Tulsa happens sooner than later by another student they have fucked over and I hope their aim is good and they kill the mother fuckers."  TFO asked if Chris Barnett was making any threats and he said

"I made it very clear that I hope they die and I hope some student they have fucked over goes on a shooting spree, but that is not me making a threat.  It is me hoping they face justice one day.  I'm sure there is a student out there that will deliver justice, hopefully with an AR-15 and they make sure to pick off Machele Dill as well.  As for the claims that Susan Barrett and Winona Tanaka fear for their lives in terms of attending a deposition in the matter they caused by lying, those fears are unfounded.  Both my husband and I are law abiding citizens and while I personally wish they would die, that is just that, my personal opinion.  No harm would come to the two old CUNTS by attending a deposition.  Regardless of where the depositions take place, I can tell you that having them at the offices of Hall Estill is out of the question.  Due to the lies from The University of Tulsa, Susan Barrett and Winona Tanaka, in conjunction with more lies from the disgraced law firm of Hall Estill, it is necessary for my husband and I to have 24/7 armed security.  Our armed security is there not just to protect us, but to ensure everyone is safe and protected.  They are not there to intimidate or harass.  They are professionals and they do their job well.  Not only do my husband and I bear the fees for this as it is necessary, we have had several TU hearings where we have had additional body guards and they were just canceled out of thin air by the Judge because he didn't want to do his job.  The Judge, the disgraced corrupt law firm of Hall Estill, The University of Tulsa, Susan Barrett, Winona Tanaka, even William Carter of Tulsa Community College, have all done nothing but try to harm my husband and I since 2014.  They will never outspend us.  We have decided to use the court system just like they are.  I will stall, delay, continue, come up with every excuse in the world just to make things take longer.  I will pull a Jeb Joseph and remove it from State Court to Federal Court, then I'll file for sanctions, lie, accuse them of many things that may or may not be true.  I'm reaching out to anyone Hall Estill is suing and offering to help all people and companies they are suing and helping them stall, delay, continue and anything possible to fuck with them.  I view these actions as an act of war.  It's only a matter of time before another one of them die like Patrick Cremin.  Patrick Cremin died from mixing drugs and alcohol.  I have continued to reach out to donors, keeping them informed and I've received assurances that funding will be pulled by them from The University of Tulsa if they do not start acting in good faith.  I personally have fun with their bullshit and the funny thing is, no harm will ever come to any of these people from my husband or I, but harm will come to them from the cartel if they keep it up.  We are now going to play their game.  When your son or daughter, wife, husband come up missing or dead, don't blame me or my husband.  You were all warned.  We can't control these people."

TFO reached out to Keith Wilkes of the disgraced law firm Hall Estill and Keith Wilkes provided this statement to TFO:  "Any faggot who thinks they can attend the University of Tulsa and breathe the same air as normal heterosexual God fearing people has a day of reckoning coming.  Hall Estill and myself have demonstrated that we will crucify these fucking faggots and any faggot who tries to stop us will be crushed.  We bribe Judges all day long.  Try to fuck with us.  If they won't take our bribe, we will black mail them or kill them."  

Finally, TFO looks into the alleged attacks on TFO President, Chris Barnett by Hall Estill.  In it, they cite a contempt citation in another lawsuit filed against The Low T Center for an informed consent claim.  They fail to mention that there was a not guilty plea entered and a demand for a Jury Trial and that the court pay for an attorney for TFO President, Chris Barnett since the whole thing is frivolous.  Dr. Larry Huber has committed Malpractice at The Low T Center by not knowing what he is doing.  He is a very morbid obese man who is unhealthy and likely to die any day from bad health.  Matt Primm, Hubers gay lover has been there to defend him every step of the way.  TFO will be publishing Dr. Hubers address soon.  Matt Primm is often refereed to by his gay lover as a little CUNT.  Matt Primm loves being humiliated in public. Matt Primm knows hes a little piece of shit CUNT who shouldn't be allowed outside his cage ever.    TFO publishes all public information and there is nothing illegal about it.  What the Nazi law firm of Hall Estill calls attacks is what TFO calls truth.  Sue TFO already you scum bag pedophiles.  Patrick Cremin was a pedophile and Judge Kurt Glassco provided special treatment to Patrick Cremin and sealed a matter that should never have been sealed.  BTW have we mentioned that Kurt Glassco is not only a pedophile, but he molests boys in his Church?   Kurt Glassco also violated several laws going on the word of Hall Estill, the most disgraced, corrupt law firm.  This is a call to all hackers.  Get all of their emails and forward them to TFO.  We'll publish all of them.