The Low T Center Lawsuit, Tulsa Oklahoma

Here is a copy of the lawsuit filed by TFO President, Christopher Barnett against The Low T Center.  The lawsuit speaks for itself.  

Christopher Barnett has issued a subpoena to The Low T Center demanding copies of complaints against  Dr. Huber by his co-workers.  When Chris followed up with Jonji Matthews, he was told by Jonji Matthews that he had filed numerous complaints with The Low T Center about Dr. Huber and Dr. Huber doing the exact same thing.  The Low T Center chose profits over people and took no action to stop Dr. Huber from harming others.  The lawsuit filed against The Low T Center is an Informed Consent lawsuit.  The attorney's for The Low T Center were very worried about being placed on the TFO website and even asked in depositions if they would find themselves on the TFO website.  All information on the attorney's representing The Low T Center will be published soon including their home addresses, their life's history and of course commentary to go with it.  What is life without the commentary?  We will also be seeking a transcript of the depositions to publish on TFO.  

Corrupt, lying transgender attorney's at Lehman, Steele & Latham try to intimidate, harass and silence Transparency for Oklahomans with frivolous court filings.  Lesbian Cheryl Jackson complains and the corrupt law firm files "Contempt of Court Motion" which we all know is only good for wiping ones ass with.  Dr. Huber, incompetent and likely still overdosing patients with too much Testosterone won't retire.... its reported that he guesses how much he is giving patients because he can't remember what the right amount of snake oil is.  The best thing that could happen to the old bastard is he die like Patrick Cremin.  At least he wouldn't be harming people then.  In other news, Matt is reported to be a member of a child sex trafficking ring selling children for anything he can get to support his meth addiction and pedophilia.  Its rumored that Cheryls wife has threatened divorce if Cheryl is caught buying any more children from Matt.  Cheryl's wife Lacy had said they can't afford to keep buying cages to put kids in, much less the dog food to feed them.  Lacy and Cheryl are seen often euthanizing their human children they purchased from Matt and dumping the remains in the trash can or the neighbors trash depending on how many humans they just put down, or selling them for meat to the local burger joint.  Dr. Huber is reported to be a customer of Matt's , buying children for his pleasure, yet its allowed because they have Amazon Prime and can get next day shipping for only $3.99.  Dr. Hubers favorite book is "How to be a Doctor for dummies".  Matt's favorite book is "How to be an attorney for morons".  

Cheryl Jackson's and Rebecca Nightingales favorite book is 

"How to be a cunt....oh wait, just be yourself you dumb bitch, get back to the kitchen and quit thinking your an equal for dummies".  Weird reading styles and very racist.  I have no confirmation that Cheryl and Rebecca are still scissoring together, but hey if they are, more power to them.  

Welcome to Tulsa.  Chery's other hobbies include cooking meth in the South Tulsa Wal-Mart.  Cheryl's dream is to be able to afford teeth again one day and live in a small mobile home with her slave children she has been hoarding.  Cheryl lost her teeth to her meth addiction, or being punched in the face cause shes so damn ugly.  

The Attorney's for The Low T Center


Home of Low T Attorney Lance Freije. Slave Cages in the basement. Lance is reported to keep multiple slaves on his Broken Arrow Plantation. His family has had slaves forever and still live in the 1800's. Lance still has the slaves farm wheat, cotton and OSB. Jennifer reportedly has the slaves that her husband sleeps with put down and then fed to the other slaves. How sickening.


Home of Low T Attorney Matt Primm. Child/Sex slave cages in upstairs rooms with bars and locking doors. Current inventory includes a 2 year old boy, a 5 year old boy, two 12 year old boys, 11 7 year old boys and may more. Matt is considering a larger home so he can obtain more children. Matt has a taste for asian children. Candice is the care taker of the sex slaves while Matt goes to work to read TFO's latest updates. Yes Matt, we know your going to get castrated to try to stop yourself from this sick, disturbing conduct.


The poor assholes at Latham Steel Lehman think they can intimidate TFO and make us shut up. Challenge accepted. We will not be intimidated and we will not be bullied. We know that The Low T Center has many victims and we aren't going to shut up ever. Matt Primm needs to invest in some hair growth product and perhaps he needs some Testosterone treatments LOL. He's balding as it is. We will be publishing Cheryl Jacksons address and personal information soon as well as everyone in the firm. It's important for the public to have access to this information. TFO will not reveal our sources we are protected under the Oklahoma Newspaper shield law. Not like we have to worry about any of the Judges in Tulsa County cause they are all corrupt. Matt Primm is such a fan of TFO that it was his wet dream to be featured on it. If he were successful as an attorney you would think he would invest in himself and a nicer house. What a dump! BTW Mattie ... TFO will not be submitting any further responses to you. Is your sex change surgery going well? What is it with Tulsa Attorney's getting sex changes? It's almost done with transitioning, so soon Matt will be Michele Primm. So strange. You wanted war, so now you have it cunts!!! I hope you idiots make a lot of money from reading this blog daily. I see you read it daily. I paid someone to put software on all of your computers and cell phones. I see and hear all that you do and know where you go. I've even read your emails and yes Cheryl, I know all about you and what you've done and who you have slept with at that firm. Give any blowjobs to Judges like Jefferson Sellers lately? News Flash, Jefferson Sellers had sex change surgery and is now Jessie Sellers Delapp. I'll be publishing Cheryl's address and pictures today or tomorrow.