TFO files lawsuit against City of Wagoner, Oklahoma

Transparency for Oklahomans has filed suit against The City of Wagoner in regards to an open records request regarding a police officer by the name of Travis Potts who was in a crash, off duty and was driving drunk.  No arrest was made.  The City has tried to cover this up.  No one is above the law.  TFO made its request to The City of Wagoner and as expected, our requested was ignored and never responded today.  Today, TFO filed suit and obtained a date for a hearing on Friday, May 24, 2019.  The lawsuit speaks for itself.  TFO will continue to fight for the people to expose corruption and wrong doing in our Government.  The cure for corruption is sunshine and we're going to help that sun shine right on through.  Thank you to everyone for your continued support.

TFO has obtained additional information from an un-named source in regards to Officer Travis Potts.  It has come to our attention that the City of Wagoner was aware of Officer Potts drinking problems but allowed him to remain on duty.  TFO has obtained information that Travis Potts was hauled away from the car wreck he caused involving minor children while driving drunk in Handcuff's, but the City of Wagoner and the Wagoner Police Chief has conspired to cover it up.  TFO has more information and once we sort through it all, we will be publishing all information because it is your right to know.  Officer Travis Potts needs to be charged and removed from active duty.  No exceptions.  

Who has to get involved to charge Tony Ponds and Travis Potts?  If you have information, email us!  We need all information.  If you witnessed the wreck of know about Travis Potts drinking problem or can testify as to how long he has had a drinking problem, or the fact that the City of Wagoner knew about it, we need to know.  With your help, we can take a few corrupt police officers off the streets as they give the honest, hard working dedicated police officers a bad name.  

Wagoner Police Officer Travis Potts DUI

Wagoner Police Officer Travis Potts wrecks his vehicle, driving drunk and the Wagoner Police cover it up and fail to report it to DHS.  This was child endangerment.  1 to 2 weeks prior, 911 was called because Officer Travis Potts was found unresponsive in his home, drunk.  The City of Wagoner was aware of his Alcohol problem, but he still serves on the force today.  TFO files suit to obtain the records.  We're not done yet, there is corruption to be rooted out!