Jefferson Sellers abusing his power to silence critics

Jefferson Sellers willing to violate free speech to silence critics, has been downloading Child Porn

By Christopher Barnett

President, TFO

The University of Tulsa and disgraced Judge Jefferson Sellers, also referred to as Jefferson Sellers Delapp is attempting to abuse his authority to silence his critics and those who have spoke out against the corrupt, disgraced Terrorist University of Tulsa.  See, Jefferson Sellers Delapp attended the terrorist university, so he himself is a terrorist.  

The University of Tulsa has filed for sanctions against activist and TFO President, Chris Barnett for his writing about The University of Tulsa and refusing to be silent.  The University of Tulsa has sought one single thing since their illegal actions in 2014.  To silence non student, TFO President Chris Barnett.  

The University of Tulsa hasn't learned their lesson yet.  They went on to also file for sanctions against Trey Barnett with ZERO evidence that Trey Barnett has done anything wrong and their only defense is that I, a free speech advocate won't shut up. 

Let me make it very clear to these ass holes.  If you want me to shut up, it isn't free.  $25 Million Dollars and you can buy my silence for life.  For every single lie filed by Hall Estill on behalf of TU, the price goes up $10 Million for every single lie.  It's very doubtful that these assholes will ever pay anything for their wrongs, so the history of TU will haunt TU until they go bankrupt.  I will continue to contact Donors until I've made a good size dent.  I'm also contacting Hall Estill clients encouraging them to fire the racist bigots.  Some of those companies I own a over $20 Million dollars in stock in.  I have threatened to bring it to a vote if necessary then I get to tell the whole company why Hall Estill is wrong.  Other companies I only own maybe $5 to $10 million in stock in, but its stil enough to make a dent.  All total, I have a net worth of over $250 million dollars and I'm going to have fun for the next 20 years or longer if TU lasts that long, buying billboards, tv ads, internet ads, ads in the airport, everywhere all about The University of Tulsa, Hall Estill and the liars, Susan Barrett and Winona Tanaka.  Now, officially I'm broke and can't afford an attorney, so I've asked for a public defender for all these contempt allegations.  Where is the money?  That's the fun of being a drug dealer.  

 Yes, even Chris Barnett has a for sale sign on him.  I turned down $75 million and $125 million for the purchase of one of my companies, so I think that says a lot.   Otherwise, even after Trey's valid lawsuit is long over, regardless of the outcome, I'll keep talking about Winona Tanaka, Susan Barrett, William Carter, Tara Moses, Kimberly Wilkerson and every Judge on your payroll.  This is the amount I would have to be paid to buy my silence, also referred to as a settlement.  I assure you, the allegations made once again, have zero credibility and well Hall Estill will make fools of themselves again.  It's going to be fun.  They cannot prove any of their allegations because they are untrue.  While I won't spoil it nor let them know how stupid they are being, I have decided to let them proceed, make fools out of them once again, then file a new lawsuit against them and also list Jefferson Sellers in it as I know his emails have been obtained, both public and private.  Jefferson Sellers browsing history has also been exposed and I have no idea why the authorities have not acted because he has been participating in downloading illegal child porn.  There is a reason this Judge hasn't done his job.  We  at TFO are trying to find out how to publish the information without breaking any laws and without viewing his sick content.  A law enforcement official has confirmed that the websites are websites often visited by predators.  Notice I must specify for the inbreds at Hall Estill.  

What's more interesting is Jefferson Sellers told TU that they needed to pay Trey Barnett at least 2 million dollars for what they have done to him.  The only defense they have is to bitch about what I've said online.  Well have fun violating my copyright cause I'm going to sue Hall Estill and The University of Tulsa for that too.  Mark my words Keith Wilkes and Johnathan Rogers, if you reprint anything from this website, I will sue both of you immediately and your firm.  Try me.  It won't go to your bought and paid for Judge Terrence Kern, it will stay in State Court and I'll depose your wife, your boyfriend, gay lovers and everyone else you sick nasty fucks.  

If anything gets me going, its proving someone is a liar and I don't have to do much work to prove The University of Tulsa, along with Tulsa Community College and The Low T center, all seeking sanctions, all making the same bogus claims, are just that, bogus.  

No, the threat of sanctions or being locked up for free speech doesn't scare me.  Let them have their way.  My supporters will come out in the thousands and more attention will be brought to this matter, of course there will be violence which will mean more media attention.  So think twice TU and corrupt Sellers.  As for Hall Estill, I'm going to take care of all of you personally.  What is coming for your firm will ruin your firm.  Remember, I have it all.  BTW what do you think about DICK Hall Estill?  

In Polls taken by TFO, when asked if Oklahomans supported the lawsuits filed by TFO 74% of people polled said yes.

Another question asked was, do you support Chris Barnett in his quest for making the Oklahoma Government more transparent and following the laws already in place?  A whopping 88% said yes.

Finally, the fun question, would you convict Chris Barnett because he supports free speech and is willing to go any extent to prove a point, including publishing information from sources, not his husband?  71% said No.  The 29% that said yes were just assholes from the far left. 

No one feels comfortable or safe around Jefferson Sellers since it came out that he has been downloading Child Porn.  What a sick man.  Chris Barnett said that he believes all people who do this type of this should received the death penalty immediately.  TFO has sent out 50,000 post cards in the Tulsa area asking residents for more information.  TFO has also sent out an additional 25,000 post cards to the area Jefferson Sellers lives, hoping that others come forward.  TFO has also reached out to the oil and gas industry and Sellers does have oil and gas wells and TFO has asked those companies if they have taken part in his crimes or if they have ever noticed him with young underage boys in his car, or being inappropriate with them.  TFO will continue to bring this information to you.  

Judge Jefferson Sellers has been downloading Child Porn, when is he going to be charged?

Judge Jefferson Sellers has been downloading Child Porn, when is he going to be charged?

False Arrest ordered by OK ASS AG

Below is a copy of the court transcript of ASS AG Desiree Singer and Terrorist Jeb Joseph, ordering the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office to unlawfully detain TFO President, Chris Barnett in an attempt to intimidate him into dropping his open records lawsuit against Tulsa Community College.  

False Arrest, civil rights violations, the Judge himself, Jefferson Sellers downloading child porn... how far does the corruption go?  No wonder the ASS AG's office has fought so hard and so long to keep it all quiet.  In the interest of justice, all records requested must be released.  Is Jeb Joseph and Desiree Singer also part of the child porn ring?