Investigation into Rogers County, Oklahoma

TFO has been investigating the corruption and lies taking place in Rogers County and wow, its better than a soap opera, with the exception of the civil rights violations taking place by elected officials such as Sheriff Scott Walton and others in Rogers County Government.  TFO has several outstanding open records request to the Rogers County Sheriff's Office and we have even obtained documents from the Rogers County Sheriff's Office admitting that they deleted Facebook comments and posts from the official Rogers County Sheriff's Office website.  How can citizens put any trust into the Sheriff of the county if he can't follow simple laws on the deletion of records.  It's also alleged that the Rogers County Sheriff's Office has blocked people from commenting on the RCSO Facebook Page and the courts have ruled that President Trump cannot block people on Twitter, why in the world does the Rogers County Sheriff's Office think they can break the laws of our great State when even the President of the USA cannot?  It is rumored that a group of people in Rogers County are considering impaneling a Grand Jury to investigate and prosecute Sheriff Scott Walton and others involved.   Lawsuits continued to be filed against Rogers County, The City of Claremore and other Government officials.  When will Claremore and Rogers County stop doing stupid stuff that costs tax payers more money?  Rogers County already had to raise taxes to pay for a lawsuit lost to a mining company.  It's only a matter of time before more tax increases come to pay for the corruption of Rogers County officials.  The corruption doesn't stop in Rogers County, it goes all the way to the Oklahoma Attorney Generals Office.  When will Oklahoma get an Attorney General who will uphold the laws of our State and stop covering up wrong doing and corruption and stop targeting people because of their political views and affiliations?  

Read about Edward Levi Duncan, who was fishing and arrested by Scott Walton.  Scott Walton is the corrupt Sheriff of Rogers County and apparently Mr. Duncan was fishing on the side of the road in Scott Walton's pond.  Scott Walton does not identity himself as any law enforcement, then chases this man because he's upset he is fishing in his pond.  Walton was not in uniform nor on the clock as the Sheriff when this took place.  Walton at this point was a private citizen abusing his authority.  The filings say it all and yet the State of Oklahoma and Rogers County want to cover up for Scott Walton and its obvious they are doing this in an effort to avoid another lawsuit, which is inevitable.  It must be nice to think you are above the law like Sheriff Scott Walton.  Imagine how power hungry bully Scott Walton is.  Rogers County, perhaps its time you start thinking about a new Sheriff.  It is obvious that if you allow Scott Walton to remain in office, you the voter and tax payer will pay the price.  Remember, in Tulsa, Stanley Glanz was removed from office via a Grand Jury investigation and he was actually charged with several crimes.  The same needs to happen in Rogers County, but the problem is, it will be hard to seat a Grand Jury with the close relationship with the AG's office and the DA's office.  This is collusion and corruption taking place at its finest in Oklahoma.  Why does the Attorney General's office have such an interest in Rogers County?   

Here are links to the OSCN lawsuits filed against Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton  titled  Janice Steidley, an individual; David Iski, an individual; M. Bryce Lair, an individual  

vs. John Singer, an individual;

Scott Walton, an individual;

Steve Cox, an individual;

Russell Guilfoyle, an individual;

Billy D. Jones, an individual;

Myron Grubowski, an individual;

John Doe Nos. 1-25, individuals 

And another one titled

 Kirt Thacker,
Scott Walton,
John Singer,
Steve Cox,
Myron Grubowski,
Bill Jones,
Russell Guilfoyle,
William "Bill" Higgins,
Erin Oquin,
Carl Williams,
Sally Williams,
Edith Singer,

And more can be found on the OSCN website by visiting this link

A list of Federal Lawsuits will be coming soon with all attachments in PDF format from the Pacer website.