Ron Owens/Phame Marketing

Ever wonder about fake people?  TFO has to give its award for fake people to Ron Owens of Phame Marketing.  Ron puts on a great show, but in reality, he is broke and doesn't even pay his employees on time.  Ron also owns First Strike Security.  Until recently, TFO engaged First Strike Security to keep its President, Chris Barnett safe, but as we are told by Chris, he saw that Ron Owens was a liar and found that he had troubles beyond Tulsa.  If you are using Phame Marketing for any advertising for your business, we urge you to take a second look and ask yourself... do I want to get fucked by Ron Owens like Chris Barnett?  Chris also tells us of another incident where Ron Owens stole over $3000.00 from him.  Phame Marketings/First Strike Security/Ron Owens/Tracey Flemming have been engaged in receiving money from the Oklahoma Marijuana industry.   Ron Owens has attempted to keep secret from his banks his income from Marijuana.  Chances are high if you do business with Phame Marketing, you are accepting Marijuana Money.  A good portion of Ron Owens income for the last year has been from Marijuana Money.  

Files coming soon.