Pedophile Judge Jefferson Sellers Delapp

What do members of Jefferson Sellers Delapp's church think of him having sex with underage girls around 9 or 10?   Are  all Mormons like this?  Perhaps we should call Jefferson Sellers, Judge Warren Jeffs.  Jefferson Sellers did the only thing a guilty man can do.  Abuse his authority.  Another bogus filing, which TFO President Chris Barnett will fight to no end.  TFO Chris Barnett will file a civil suit against Jefferson Sellers Delapp Warren Jeffs.  His immunity isn't absolute.  

TFO President Chris Barnett sent an email to Jefferson Sellers seeking comment.  It's our obligation to do so.  Unfortunately, the Judge who has the same behavior of Warren Jeffs has chosen to abuse his power and try to hold TFO President Chris Barnett in contempt.  In keeping with our duty to investigate and seek comment, we reached out to Jefferson Sellers via email, which is published below.  Of course, we know he will try to use this to add to his bullshit contempt charges which are only being used to try to sidetrack and turn attention away from his crimes.  

If you have information regarding Jefferson Sellers sex crimes against Children, please contact TFO at  Do not fear this asshole Judge.  TFO will keep your information private no matter what.  Jefferson Sellers tried to bully TFO President Chris Barnett into revealing the sources and threatened Barnett with Jail and said he would sit there until he tells him who turned him in.  TFO President Chris Barnett refused and took the 5th.  We urge all victims to come forward.  With your help, we can put this man in prison where he belongs.  If it comes to it, Chris Barnett is willing to go to jail to protect the integrity of the sources of information.  The actions taken by Jefferson Sellers are those of a guilty man.  It speaks for itself.  

Update: July 14, 2019 An unnamed source has come forward who claims that Jefferson Sellers raped her and she had his baby. 

TFO continues to urge victims to come forward.  To all TFO contributors, please use back channels and do not communicate via text, email or any electronic means.  Disposable laptops are available if you need them.  Just let HR know.  Be sure to use a VPN on all computers and cell phones.  If you need additional disposable cell phones, visit with HR in person. 

Below are emails sent by TFO to Judges who work with child molesting Judge Jefferson Sellers-Delapp.  The Judges were asked for comment as was Jefferson Sellers-Delapp.  Judge Sellers-Delapp responded by issuing an amended citation for contempt against TFO President Christopher Barnett.  This Pedo Judge is worse than our amazing President who TFO fully supports.  Even President Trump and his disdain for the media has never done anything like this Judge.  It's pretty bad when the Judge is a Tyrant Dictator who is abusing his power and authority.  TFO is not afraid of him and will continue in search of the truth and keep exposing the corrupt people of Oklahoma who remain in power.  It is obvious that TU and Judge Sellers are working together and TU is hiding behind all of the Judges.  Judge Linda Morrissey has been leading the charge to convince Judges on the down low to do everything to harm Chris and Trey Barnett.  The University of Tulsa cannot try their case based on the evidence, or lack there of, so they continue to harass Chris Barnett because they know they have no defense.  The only thing TU has done is print comments from Chris Barnett on his own personal facebook page and comments made by him on TFO's website.  Chris Barnett is aware that TU continues to do this so he is playing TU like a fiddle and so far he's doing great at it.  Keith Wilkes is having his strings pulled by Chris Barnett and Johnathan Rogers is having his strings pulled so much he lost 1 lb.  

Is Judge Doug Drummond, Judge Damon Cantrell and other Judges all connected in Jefferson Sellers Pedo ring?  They seem to be pretty close, so we're still investigating, but by the Judges actions, it doesn't look good for him.