Okay, Oklahoma, corruption never ends

Here are the files we have on the Mayor of Okay, Oklahoma Brad Matthews.  We were tipped off that Mayor Brad Matthews had sent an email to the Sheriff of Wagoner County, Chris Elliott asking that more tickets be written because the towns taxes were down.  Sheriff Chris Elliott responded.  TFO issued an open records request.  Read through the letters received from the towns attorneys they hired with tax payer money and see what a waste of time and money they have spent, lying in an attempt to cover up wrong doings.  Policing for profit is illegal.  TFO will be filing suit this week against the City of Okay, Oklahoma for continuing to not only lie, but continued violations of the Oklahoma Open Records Act.  We will bring both the Mayor Brad Matthews and the town of Okay, Oklahoma into full compliance with the Oklahoma Open Records Act via our court system.  People are calling Okay Mayor Brad Matthews Little Hillary Clinton.  Using his own personal email in an attempt to skirt the Oklahoma Open Records Act.  Their attorneys don't understand what a record is, and the difference between the Oklahoma Open Records Act and the Oklahoma Open Meetings Act.  Watch out Okay, Oklahoma, help is on the way!!!