Transgender Attorney Keith A Wilkes @ Hall Estill lies just like Patrick Criminal

Thank God the old bastard Patrick Cremin is dead.  He was a piece of shit who should have died a long time ago.  Now we see a piece of shit by the name of Keith A. Wilkes at the Law Firm of Hall Estill, obviously a white supremacist taking the helms and trying hard to fill the shoes of Patrick Criminal.  Honestly, I would not be surprised if the KKK hate monger Patrick Criminal overdosed because he could not deal with all the people he has screwed over.  He deserved to die.  

Now Keith A. Wilkes at Hall Estill files more frivolous documents on behalf of the most corrupt University in Tulsa, The University of Tulsa.  TFO is filing a motion to enter and seek that the protective order be lifted that is in place, hiding all the bad deeds of Terrible University.  The University of Tulsa needs to stop receiving special treatment from child pedophiles and transgender Judges and Attorneys.  Susan Barrett and Winona Tanaka are both bigots without a doubt and yes, their home address have been published because they are public information.  Hall Estill, Johnathan Rogers and Keith Wilkes complain about the posting of this public information over and over again, but this shows you 1. that nothing has been done that is illegal, 2. The information is public and of course 3. TFO remains committed to ensuring that information remains out there and available to the public.  

Where oh where does Keith Wilkes live?  I'll post it soon.  TFO also welcomes any photo's of Keith Wilkes home or pictures of him in his everyday life.  If you have any embarrassing photos of know of any of his illegal doings, send us the info with proof and we'll publish it.  Perhaps an affair with another co-worker... anything.  Send it to us!

Keith, TFO is coming for you.  We're going to expose you for the crook you are.  

TFO doesn't give up.  EVER!  

Terrible University, your bad deeds will be made public soon.  

Read the Lawsuit filed against The University of Tulsa