Letter to Judge Doug Drummond

TFO President, Chris Barnett sends letter to Tulsa County District Judge Doug Drummond.  Barnett attended a hearing for a lawsuit he personally filed against the corrupt Tulsa Community College.  Judge Drummond had his court room locked and the hearing was held in secret.  This was a hearing against Tulsa Community College and others were there to attend it.  Barnett sent the letter, which is on file as part of his lawsuit against Tulsa Community College.  Barnett still poses the question, why was the court room locked for a public hearing?  The case continues to drag on.  Barnett has issued a request for production of all documents being sought under the Oklahoma Open Records Act.  Attorney fees are estimated to be over $5,000,000.00 for Barnett in his fight for records from Tulsa Community College.  TFO recently filed its own lawsuit against Tulsa Community College for continued violations of the Oklahoma Open Records Act.  The answers provided by the uneducated Desiree Singer were hilarious.  Desiree Singer has no idea what the Oklahoma Open Records Act is.  Both Desiree Singer and Jeb Joseph drove up from Oklahoma City with a fleet of armed guards at tax payer expense for a hearing that lasted maybe 5 minutes.  Barnett paid for a court reporter but Judge Drummond did not have the court reporter present.  This was the first time that a Judge has not allowed the court reporter there to take information on the record.  We urge Judge Drummond to err on the side of Transparency.