The Slum home of Johnathan Rogers

Johnathan Rogers is the Nazi who works at the law firm of Hall Estill, has also been given the name of Big Mac because he is morbidly obese and smells like Big Macs in the court room.

The picture to the right was taken of his slum home located at  11102 E 85 PL S TULSA 74133.  Johnathan Rogers is also one of Susan Barrett's students and practices drawing the prophet muhammad.  Johnathan Rogers has several of his pictures of the prophet muhammad on display at the Law Firm of Hall Estill located at 320 South Boston Avenue Suite 200, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103.  If you would like to see any of Johnathan's work, just walk into any Hall Estill shareholders office, or even down their hallway.  This is a law firm that loves Islam and loves drawing Muhammad.  

Johnathan Rogers lies yet again. This fat ass has no idea how to make an honest living, but he loves robbing The University of Tulsa blind.

The picture to the right was taken recently of Johnathan Rogers Slum.  What a piece of shit.  Does he deserve to die by lethal injection?  To be honest, that would be too decent for this piece of shit.  Does Johnathan Rogers deserve to die?  In our opinion, yes.  Anyone who draws cartoons of the prophet muhammad shows how insensitive they are.  Should Johnathan Rogers Die?  We don't know, we have no control over how or when he dies, but for the sake of humanity, we hope he eats himself to death.  

If you use the law firm Hall Estill, you are supporting racist, bigoted fools. You yourself then become a racist, bigoted fool. If you are a terrorist, please don't harm innocent people. Think about what you are about to do and change your course to 320 South Boston Avenue Suite 200, Tulsa Oklahoma 74103 or go to The University of Tulsa located at 800 S Tucker Dr, Tulsa, OK 74104.

If you support free speech, transparency and more, then please consider doing anything you can to harm The University of Tulsa, Susan Barrett, Winona Tanaka, Keith Wilkes, Johnathan Rogers, The Law Firm of Hall Estill, Lawrence Zerinque an attorney who is married to Nazi Winona Tanaka, Jefferson Sellers Delapp, Linda G. Morrisey, Rebecca Nightingale, Caroline Wall, Matt Primm.  How you define harm is up to you.  We of course are referring to financial harm and not violence of any sort.  We leave the violence to the drug cartels and anti-fa.   Please do everything possible to contact donors of The University of Tulsa, contact any clients of the law firm of Hall Estill, tell them to stop doing business with Hall Estill or you won't do business with them and finally, we can't forget Attorney Lawrence Zerinque, who is also a Nazi that participates in Winona Tanaka charades because he is married to her.  This is TFO using the same logic of The University of Tulsa.  Lawrence Zerinque is guilty by association, so obviously he supports racism, discrimination and of course he supports having concentration camps in America, especially Tulsa. Tulsa Attorney Lawrence Zerinque is an insurance attorney.  If you have a list of his clients, let TFO know.  We'll contact his clients directly and also list all of them on our website.