John Patrick Cremin, satans spawn dead!!!

John Patrick "Pat" Cremin has died, he was truly a piece of shit

By Christopher Barnett


I had a phone call today around 1pm.  It made my day amazing.  It was someone calling, I won't say who, but they asked me if I had heard about Pat Cremin.  My reply to them was no, but please tell me he is dead.  They paused for a moment and said... well yes, he's dead.  He died a couple weeks ago.  Personally, I'm glad this bastard is dead.  He was not a good man.  He was not a person who wasn't racist.  He was the opposite of what everyone says.  He was racist.  He was homophobic.  He hated gay people.  I have no sympathy for his family.  They certainly have had no sympathy for what his firm has done to myself and my husband.  They have had no sympathy for what The University of Tulsa has done to my husband and I.  So with that said, Tulsa lost nothing when John Patrick Cremin of The Hall Estill Law Firm died.  In fact, I think Tulsa is a better place with his death.  Perhaps now we can see some depositions take place and depose more than 100 people and clear Trey's name.  Show the world that The University of Tulsa did wrong.  Winona Tanaka did no investigation and in fact discriminated against Trey because he is gay.  Winona Tanaka, Susan Barrett and Machele Dill are all liars.  I am personally planning to file a claim against Pat Cremins estate.  See, this evil man called in a false threat, and it led to me being falsely arrested.  I sued him, and The University of Tulsa, along with Johnathan Rogers and Hall Estill.  They claimed they were participating in Government by calling in false threats when in reality, had the public documents been ordered to be released, it would implicate The University of Tulsa and even Hall Estill, Patrick Cremin and Johnathan Rogers.  So lets get some depositions done now that his sorry ass is dead, or will we see The University of Tulsa try to stall longer?  Here is the funny thing.  If The University of Tulsa has been able to stall this long, imagine how long I can tie up his Estate, and I plan to do just that.  FUCK YOU PATRICK CREMIN AND THANK YOU FOR DYING YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!

02/20/2019 5:34 PM After I filed a claim against his estate today, I can only imagine how the idiots at Hall Estill, or perhaps John Snowflake Lackey will be making more filings with the court, showing what I've said online.  It doesn't matter what I say.  We have free speech.  It doesn't matter if it offends you.  The truth is the truth.  Something that Patrick Cremin has fought hard to cover up.  Did anyone find it odd that his wife lived at one address while he lived at another?  Who is the mistress?  I'm glad that I've helped them make so much money defending the corrupt University of Tulsa.  I'm saddened by the fact that they have no regard for the civil rights of others.  The corruption from Hall Estill is real.  

I want one thing.  Justice for my husband.  What The University of Tulsa did to him, with the help of Patrick Cremin is completely unacceptable.  He did nothing wrong.  Everyone knows this.  We just want it to get to trial.  Trey deserves at least that.  Winona Tanaka is said to be next in terms of death.  It is expected that she will die before June of this year.  I'd like to see her deposed before that time comes.  It's also predicted that Susan Barrett ends up in the "Special Place" and Machele Dill is convicted of murder.  Only time will tell, but with this corrupt bunch, they can only run so long, but we are closing in on them.  

Update: March 14, 2019

Today I received complete bullshit in the mail from Hall Estill.  It's funny, truly, so I've published the file here.  

They seem to believe I am afraid of their continued corruption.  Due to their continued conduct in terms of corruption, I will not back down and I will pursue my claim all the way.  I am a victim of John Patrick Cremin and Hall Estill and I will hold them accountable and responsible.  Did I mention the Judge is also a TU puppet?  Yes, the Judge is corrupt to and also has a TU email address.  It shows that The University of Tulsa has nearly every Judge in Tulsa county on their payroll and if they don't have them on their payroll, they are on the payroll of Hall Estill.  

Further down below, you'll find the address of the Dis-honorable Kurt Glassco, the home address for James C. Milton, Samantha W. David and Kevin Hayes.  We didn't find a public address on Courtney Lynn Kelley from Hall Estill yet, but once it is found it will be published.