John Lackey of Paul and Lackey needs his ass kicked

Give John Lackey some more drugs, he'll make his conviction go away

John Lackey is just gross.  He's a terrible excuse for a human being.  He is a pedophile and has sex with his children.  Nothing has been done to him for these terrible crimes against Children.  

The University of Tulsa has a long history of supporting pedophiles and drug offending attorneys like John Lackey.  John Lackey is desperate for money and a very uneducated attorney.  Someone needs to kick his ass and cut his small itty bitty penis off.  Who?  No idea, but it really needs to happen.   Maybe one of his children will do it.  At any rate, Chris Barnett prays everyday that someone will harm John Lackey.

We must disclose that this is not a threat, just wishful thinking.  That's not illegal yet, but if John Lackey has his way, not only would thoughts be illegal, but so would owning a gun and free speech.  ANTIFA is coming for you John.