Jefferson Sellers Extramarital affair

Yes, even Judges who steal have affairs

TFO has received information from an un-named source within the Attorney Generals Office that has confirmed that Jefferson Sellers has been having an ongoing affair with a member of his court staff.  

The source from the Attorney Generals Office provided TFO with a lot of information, including internal e-mails from Oklahoma AG Mike Cunter/Hunter.  Other e-mails were provided from Jeb Joseph to other court staff discussing the Barnett's, including emails to attorney's at Hall Estill.  Some of these emails boast about how much they can get from each pharmaceutical company, others are emails from oil and gas companies urging Mike Hunter to do everything possible to get rid of the open records act.  Other e-mails are from the law firm hired by the Attorney Generals Office since they didn't have the sense to do the work themselves.  

In an effort to protect our source, we will not be releasing any documents yet as they have promised more.  We will release everything, including personal e-mails from Mike Cunter/Hunter, text messages from Hunter, Joseph and Singer as well as text messages from Jefferson Sellers to others discussing the Barnett's lawsuits ex-parte....and evidence of a bribe as well as promises of a higher paying job, or a potential appointment to a higher court if he continues to stall the cases before him.  Some of these communications also include emails from Linda G. Morrissey, Rebecca Nightingale, Judge Museman and many other Judges.  We won't spill all the beans yet.  


Is disgraced Judge Jefferson Sellers a thief?

Jefferson Sellers admits more than 12 times on the record that he hasn't done his job, but he still collects his paycheck

Through the many hearings involving Chris and George Barnett, the disgraced transgender Judge, Jefferson Sellers of Cleveland, Oklahoma has admitted on the record over and over again that he hasn't done his job.  All he has to do is read the law and enforce it, but he refuses to do so.  Why is he allowed to continue to steal from tax payers unimpeded?  Because he is connected and doing favors for the corrupt.  The right thing for the disgraced Jefferson Sellers-Delapp to do is resign and step down.  Jefferson Sellers is worse than the penis pump Judge of Sapulpa, Oklahoma.  Why did that Judge not get immunity but Sellers can steal from tax paying citizens and nothing happens?  

Stealing is wrong, Sellers should be charged and jailed

Sellers has not tried to hide that he has been stealing from tax payers.  He is an elected official and he has immunity.  He has complained to others in the court house about those "Two Faggots" and even the Tulsa County Court Clerk and the employees there have heard his tirades and even as early as this past week when TFO filed suit against Tulsa Community College where the disgraced and dishonorable Judge Sellers was assigned to the case, the clerk who filed it said that he would not be happy that he had another case from Chris Barnett.  These tirades were also joined by Judge Linda G. Morrissey.  Judge Morrisey has communicated with Jefferson Sellers about the Barnett's case multiple times, illegally, and also communicated with opposing counsel regarding the Barnett's, however both corrupt Judges refuse to step down.  While they enjoy immunity, there is a possible loop hole that will lead to a lawsuit against the Judges and the Attorney Generals Office.  When they abuse their office, they lose their immunity.  TFO can confirm that the USDOJ is currently investigating the Tulsa County Judges for civil rights violations among other things.  TFO has requested all emails and memos to the Tulsa Count Court Clerk from all Judges regarding the Barnett's.  The Barnett's continue to be denied access to our court system while fighting continued discrimination.  Shame on these corrupt Judges.  

Bottom line is, it's time to clean up the corruption. TFO will list the many Judges in Tulsa County who have an agenda and are taking direction from someone else.

We're going to need your help.  While Judges have immunity, we are posing the question of, are they immune from a Grand Jury investigation for stealing and wrong doing?  If so, it's time to re-write our laws to hold them accountable.  This is why TFO supports a measure to make all Judges emails public, so there is full transparency and more accountability.