Is Hall Estill Attorney Keith Wilkes a Pedo?


Keith Wilkes is said to download large amounts of Child Pornography on his work computer at Hall Estill.  

If you are a client of Hall Estill, you are also a Pedophile. If you work for Hall Estill, you are a pedophile until you quit. You may still be a pedophile even after you quit. Working for Hall Estill makes you a pedophile and unfortunately, its not just a phase. It is a sickness.

If you stop using Hall Estill, you won't be a Pedophile anymore by The University of Tulsa Standards.

The only word to describe Keith Wilkes is "Disgusting". Others have said Keith is a nasty version of Hillary Clinton, almost as nasty as Susan Barrett and Winona Tanaka, but not quite there yet. It's said that Keith douches with Drano, provided by Hall Estill.

Doing any business with Keith Wilkes is supporting Pedophilia.  Working for Keith Wilkes also makes you a Pedophile.  Being associated with Keith Wilkes makes you a Pedophile.  

TFO has obtained information that directly links Keith Wilkes and Johnathan Rogers and Hall Estill to downloading Child Pornography.  It is also said that Jefferson Sellers is a part of this, or has been in the past and it is being used to blackmail Jefferson Sellers.  He gives them what they want, or they turn the information over to the FEDS.  It appears that at least Keith Wilkes and Jefferson Sellers have not been faithful to their wives.  We always have the dirt.  Now let's talk about TFO's CUNT Judge of the year, Kurt Glassco.  He needs an enema and needs a real awakening.  Kurt Glassco has also not been faithful to his wife.  TFO will be publishing photos sooner or later.