How to control illegal immigration

Our country is running out of room

We have all thought about it.  Let's just say it.  We need to control illegal immigration.  The Federal Government should create locking collars that they put on illegal immigrants that will shock them if they go outside of their perimeter.  Forget housing them in jails, create large yards with shelters and allow them to free roam inside the fenced areas.  If they try to escape, then the collar will deliver a fatal shock to the immigrant.  

The collars need to be water proof, have a long lasting battery and be plugged in each night after the immigrant returns to their cage or have a solar charger on it.  If it starts to go dead, it puts off an audible beep and the immigrant has 10 minutes to return to a charge.  If they don't, the collar will deliver a fatal shock.  

The Government needs to keep the men separate from the women as the US isn't in the business of breeding illegal immigrants.  No more anchor babies.  

The Government needs to use the illegal immigrants for labor to build the border wall and additional facilities.  After the Government has built the wall, put the illegal immigrants on planes and send the men to one country and the women to another and then the children to another.  This will hopefully stop the illegal practice of the immigrants coming to our country illegally.  

The University of Tulsa is also trying to buy child immigrants to use on its campus as part of its work force and pedophile Judge Jefferson Sellers has been trying to obtain new victims.  

If you have read this far and support any of this, holy shit you are a sick fuck like pedo Jefferson Sellers-Delapp..  Immigrants are people.  America is huge.  While I fully support our President, and I understand he is tasked with this huge job, I think putting them on planes back to their countries would be better than holding them at tax payer expense for so long.  There is no easy answer to immigration.  I'd like to see more done about our Welfare system.  Perhaps if we stopped offering handouts to every lazy person in the land, we wouldn't see people coming here left and right.  America is the best damn nation on the planet.  Thank you President Trump for protecting America and helping to stop the illegal immigrants from entering our country.  Let's try to treat them with a little bit more respect and show them that while yes we are full, we're better than others.