How would Chris Barnett take down TU?

This is all hypothetical and not a threat and of course will never happen, but it'll drive the far left crazy so here it goes.

The best way to get a message across is violence. The Judicial System has failed America.   So you need to have a large amount of deaths.  You have to take the idiots like David Hogg and you need to find their fear factor.  If I were a terrorist and I were going to actually harm anyone at The University of Tulsa, there are a few things I'd do.  

1. Be silent.  Have no internet presence.  ( I've already failed LOL)

2. Make sure no one knows you.  (Failed on this one too)

3. Stock pile at least 100 AR-15's and at least 500k bullets. (another failure)

4. Buy body armor.  (too hot)

5. Buy a house near The University of Tulsa, preferable a 2 story house with a view of the football field.  (Too dangerous of an area.  The Terrorist University of Tulsa is located in the ghetto slums of Tulsa and definitely a bad investment.)

6. Wait for football season to come, start getting every single AR-15 put into place on the highest floor.  Rig up a system that will fire all of the guns at once.   (I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way about Terrorist Universities football season, those fucking people park in your yard, block your driveway and all over a fucking ball.  We already know anyone playing football is going no where in life)

7. Use a 3D printer to make large magazines that can hold as many bullets as possible.  (another fail, I refuse to learn how to use a 3D printer.)

8. When football season starts, wait until almost half time or when everyone is leaving the game.  When people start to flood the gates to leave, the automatic system built starts firing. 

9. Have more than one location firing. 

10. Have all of this set up via computer, with cameras in place.  Go to a country with no extradition agreement.  Leave days before this is set to take place. 

11. Sell the camera footage to all media outlets after its happened.  

12.  Use the money to build another fortress and start all over again.  

13. Next football season, rinse and repeat just when people think they are safe.  

14. Make Winona Tanaka Butt Plugs.

15. Make Susan Barrett Vibrators and drop them over the crowds in the football field via drones.

16. Make Keith Wilkes Double Ended Dildos and drop them into the field as well.  Make sure Keith's ugly face is on each end. 

17. Make fisting toys for those into shoving a fist up their ass and put Johnathan Rogers face on it.  Then he can be where he belongs, in everyone's ass.  (He really belongs on a weight loss program and needs to be banned from every McDonalds in America.  

18. Put the home and all utilities in an LLC that is tied directly to Winona Tanaka and Susan Barrett and if you are smart enough, you have both Winona and Susan come to the house the day of the attack to place them there.  Also have cameras for the police to see they were there.  

19. Drop leaflets over the stadium via drones in conjunction with the but plugs, vibrators and double ended dildos.  

20. Plant evidence at the home of Winona Tanaka and Susan Barrett.  Also plant guns in the car of William Carter at Tulsa Community College and Leigh Goodson.  Make sure to put with the guns a plan to kill random people.  Call in a random tip to the police.  Make sure it all ties together.  

21. Laugh really hard when The University of Tulsa presents this in the lawsuit filed against them by George Barnett.  Ole fat ass Johnathan Rogers will be the one to do it.  Keith Wilkes is presently in his female stage.  No wonder he and Ms. Jefferson Sellers Delapp get along so well.  

22. Laugh harder when Jefferson Sellers Child Pornography collection is finally exposed and he is arrested.  

It says here to Generate Excitement, but unfortunately, none of this will ever take place by me, but hey its kinda like OJ Simpson writing the book of ... how I would have done it.... lol.

As much as The University of Tulsa and Hall Estill would love for a school shooting to take place at The Terrorist University of Tulsa, it won't be by me or my husband Trey. I do hope that they are the victims of a school shooting and I hope there are lots of causalities. Parkland didn't deserve to be the victims of a school shooting, but The University of Tulsa does.

Please someone punch David Hogg in the face and cut his tongue.  That kid is so publicity hungry.  Hopefully Harvard is the victim of a school shooting and David Hogg dies in it.  God, he is a piece of shit.  When I shit, I think of David Hogg being one of the turds I just shit out.  The fucking gay kid rode his bicycle to the school.  He wasn't a victim.  Hes still alive.  He does it all for profit.