TCC Professor creates fake Facebook account

Wendi Wilkerson of Tulsa Community College.  A simple Google search turned up all the information.

Professor Wendi Wilkerson of TCC complains about free speech

A Tulsa Community College Professor has claimed that TFO has White Supremacist ties.  Obviously, we fight against all discrimination, but this uneducated professor wants to tell people otherwise.  She goes on and on about Milo not being a US Citizen, but why does it matter?  The fact is, she is un-american and wants to shut down free speech.  It's sad that our tax dollars pay someone like this to spew hatred and of course try to push people to their leftist agenda.  TFO has requested a copy of Wendi's TCC emails and her browser history.  We will publish all information once it is received.  We have received tips that she has downloaded child pornography using TCC's computers, while on the clock.  We have requested the emails and browser history to find out if it is true or not.  We urge TCC to comply as our request is in the interest of the public.  Leigh Goodson, please do your job.  If you have a child predator working at TCC, do something about it.  It's not like it was hard for anyone to find this person who is obviously seeking attention.  Her free speech must be protected as all free speech must be.  It doesn't matter how big of a lie it is, or how offensive it is to others, for a professor who claims to be in higher education, pushing this whole thing of "hate speech" shows why our schools are doomed.  Take note that TFO, nor anyone else sent any info to the press.  Tulsa Community College leaked everything to the press and they were after sensational headlines.  Leigh Goodson felt it was necessary to send an email to all students, even before a contract was signed.  Why Leigh Goodson felt the need to waste tax dollars and endanger TFO for trying to promote free speech is still a question we need answered.  TFO has submitted several open record request regarding MILO's visit.  TCC has not responded.  We will be filing suit very soon to obtain this information.  We will be able to show that TCC is not trying to protect free speech, but is trying to prevent it.  We have urged TCC to follow the law and stop trying to prevent free speech.  TCC only seeks to try to discourage the event and has even had their legal team draw up a contract specifically for TFO's free speech event.  TFO has requested copies of other contracts provided to other places, such as Youth on Stage.  We'll publish all information as soon as we receive it.  

Wendi Wilkerson is just a nasty, ugly, morbidly obese CUNT.  Let's face it, people run from her when they see her ugly ass coming.  Wendi Wilkerson should be taken by Leigh Goodson to the vet and euthanized at once.  Save the world from this dumb cunt ass bitch.