Claremore, Oklahoma Judge wrong again

District Judge Sheila Condren

District Judge Sheila Condren doesn't follow open meetings act, rules for Fire District.

By: Christopher Barnett

April 01, 2019

Transparency fighter and attorney Brendan M. McHugh has vowed to appeal and waive his attorney fees to reverse an inaccurate ruling by Judge Sheila Condren.  TFO has reviewed the ruling and it goes against everything the open meetings act stands for.  TFO is confident that the order will be reversed by the Supreme Court.  Why do citizens always have to turn to the Supreme Court of Oklahoma for relief?  Why can't we have qualified Judges who will do their job and not be against transparency?  The lawsuit in question can be found here .  Lady Liberty is not shedding a tear, she's freaking flooding the ocean with tears because of the ruling from this Judge.  

Guess where this Judge got her law degree from?  None other than the corrupt University of Tulsa, a school known for its repressive regime.  Pretty much, every Judge who has graduated from The University of Tulsa turns out to be dumb or wrong.  This is another great example of why EVERYONE should avoid attending The University of Tulsa.  Not only do they hate gay people and black people, they also hate America!!!  With my first hand knowledge of The University of Tulsa and how they deny every student due process, it is no surprise that this Judge practices the same thing.  Judge Condren, quit pretending to be something you're not which is a Judge.  Go back to pretending to be an Attorney and screw up other peoples lives.  You are despicable.  Nearly worse than Judge Jefferson Sellers-Delapp.  If what this Judge has done doesn't piss you off, and you don't understand the ramifications of out of control Judges who won't follow the law, I'll gladly buy you a one way ticket to China, which is where this so called Judge should go.  Sheila Condren should resign immediately as it is clear she is not suited to be a Judge and work in the interest of the people or follow the law.  I don't know this Judge, but it is insane how she rules and just says oh well.  Come on lady, you work for the people.  Start acting like it!

This isn't the first time this Judge has got it wrong.  The same Judge who has already cost tax payers over $60k over access to dash cam videos in police vehicles in which she wrongly ruled that dash cam videos from police vehicles were not public record.  She is now going to cost tax payers thousand upon thousands more because she's not doing her job.  That was appealed twice and overturned by the Supreme Court of Oklahoma.  See the case here on OSCN and the Oklahoma Supreme Court appeal here  Guess Judge Condren needs another spanking by the Supreme Court of Oklahoma.  I don't have a law degree but I can read and understand the Oklahoma Open Meetings Act and the Oklahoma Open Records Act.  

When will Judges be held accountable?  TFO is pushing forward with its goal of changing the Oklahoma Open Records Act to include Judges and Legislators e-mails.  Our legal team is working on the State Question to amend the Open Records Act via a signature drive and then a vote.  We want to make sure that they cannot go in and change it later.  We have heard from concerned citizens all across Oklahoma and they all have said they agree, Judges e-mails should not be exempt and should be public.  Everyone has said they will sign the petition and vote YES when it comes up.  Our goal is to have it on the ballot for 2020.  

Full Disclosure: Chris and George Barnett donate yearly to FOI Oklahoma.  This year Chris and George aka Trey will donate in excess of $5,000.00 to FOI Oklahoma.  

John M. Wylie II says it all best in the article below found on the FOI Oklahoma website.