Chuck, the City manager of Comanche thinks he's God

Update April 18, 2019:  TFO has been receiving phone calls and e-mails asking if TFO is coming to Comanche to help uncover the corruption taking place there.  Mark my words, we are coming and we're not going to stop until we turn over every leaf.  We understand that there are some embezzlement allegations and we're going to be looking into those as well.  We're happy to educate Chuck on the open records act, but more importantly, we want to know why he decided to print everything off instead of saving tax dollars and providing it in electronic format.  We won't be paying any copy fees as the Oklahoma Open Records Act allows us to simply inspect the records.  We can scan the documents with our own scanner or use our phones or cameras and take pictures, so that is exactly what we will be doing, but we are very concerned that Chuck printed everything in an effort to frustrate the request.  We'll go through every single page and we'll find anything excluded.  We also understand an Audit will be taking place soon of Comanche.  TFO never gives up and we never run away.  We march into every battle and we come out with a victory!!!  Don't worry Comanche, help is on the way!!!  We will also be there to help get the grand jury signatures going.  We believe there is enough information for a grand jury to indite Chuck and company.  

TFO received information that the City of Comanche was discriminating against people.  Sure enough, a quick phone call and the City manager confirmed this.  TFO has already sent out an open records request and we're going to be paying them a visit to review records and probably take a TV reporter or two with us.  

Update April 22, 2019:  The ignorance of the City Manager is real.  The local rag sheet newspaper had nothing to report, and they were so proud that the City Manager Chuck had wasted $1800.00 of tax payer money printing open records request.  In a phone call with Mr. big boy City Manager, he admits that he doesn't know much about the Oklahoma Open Records Act.  The newspaper, obviously not knowing what the open records act, claims that Chuck complied with a Freedom of Information Act request.  Seriously, these dumb fucks don't know the difference and it is embarrassing.  This is more evidence that Chuck is unqualified to do his job and simply wants to waste tax dollars.  The newspaper refused to print the word *Nigger*, but this is common language Chuck uses.  It is a very offensive, racial slur, but is still used by Government officials all over Oklahoma.  Chuck admits in his interview with the local toilet paper factory that TFO can take pictures or scan it and not pay anything for the copies.  Why waste tax dollars on the copies in the first place?  For this man to say that it was very taxing on him time wise, yet he had time to grant a newspaper interview and show a stack of papers on his desk was amusing.  Full filling open record request is part of Chucks job.  

The problem with the way ole Chukie handled the request is he still doesn't realize what he did wrong.  He isn't getting any breaks from us.  There is no reason for any city official anywhere in Oklahoma who is responsible for full filling open record request to not know the law.  

TFO is looking forward to stocking up on the local towns toilet paper aka their rag sheet newspaper.  What a joke.  

In the eyes of TFO, we see a power hungry bully who wants to make the entire town all Caucasian.  

City of Comanche open records request (pdf)


Phone Call with Chuck, yes he thinks hes god, I say he's a fucking dumb ass (mp3)