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The Illegal Incarceration of Christopher Barnett

Information the Police and DA don't want you to know

  • The Police & DA illegally accessed Chris' phone to get information for the arrest warrant on the Threats of Acts of Violence Charge
  • Detective Rayden admitted to discrimination against Chris Barnett by using his Rapid Bi-Polar disorder as a reason to keep him locked up.
  • Judge Seibert, who signed the arrest warrant and decided the bond, used to work in the DA's office under DA Kunzweiler.
  • Judge Seibert & DA Kunzweiler knowingly and willingly violated the Oklahoma Constitution by assigning No Bond on Chris Barnett. This violates Chris Barnett's civil rights.
  • Judge Seibert also violated Chris Barnett's first amendment rights by putting a prior restraint against him. This means Chris Barnett would not be able to defend himself verbally inside and outside the court system.
  • DA Kunsweiler has been personally updating Judge Sellers of Chris Barnett's case but denied to ever speaking to Judge Sellers on the record with Judge Seibert.
  • Judge Sellers filed a false complaint against Chris Barnett with the DA's office a week prior to him being arrested for trumped up and bogus charges.
  • Judge Sellers admitted to contacting local and federal law agencies trying to bring them together to falsely pursue Chris Barnett. This placed an unnecessary target on Chris Barnett and ignores the fact that Chris Barnett has helped and done work for most of these agencies.
  • The speech and posts regarding Chris' Threats of Acts of Violence charge stem from speech that was already deemed constitutionally protected in Federal Court over a year ago. This speech came up when Chris sued Hall Estill, The University of Tulsa and the AG's office for illegally detaining him due to false information provided by Hall Estill and The University of Tulsa.
  • The audio recording provided by the DA's office as evidence is not the same audio recording the DA's office provided to the media. The audio recording provided as evidence only lasts 30 seconds while the news media received a minute and a half audio recording. 
  • The audio recording provided as evidence does not allow time for the alleged process server to ring the door bell or allow time for someone to answer the door. Chris Barnett was the first person to speak which is shown in the audio recording the news media received but not the audio recording submitted as evidence.
  • The DA claims that both camera angles were submitted as evidence but the only one the news media has ever received is the left camera angel.
  • The police admitted the alleged process server had a gun on him but released the gun back to the process server and destroyed the evidence that would crucial to finding Chris Barnett innocent.
  • Chris was the person to call 911 about firing the gun not the alleged process server.
  • The alleged process server was seen taking selfies at his car after the gun was fired.
  • The DA is only trying to use the left camera angle because it is harder to tell information from that.
  • Judges around the Tulsa Court House have stated that they are trying to keep Chris locked up until his preliminary hearing as a way to silence a voice for the people. 
  • The alleged process servers name is Ian Napier. This man has a violent background and has had a protective order against him as well as being deemed a danger and threat to others by a Tulsa County Judge. He has also been deemed "mentally unstable".
  • The DA has a personal vendetta against Chris Barnett because he campaigned against DA Kunzweiler from being reelected because of his illegal and shady practices as the DA. 
  • The DA admitted the threats, if any actually existed from Chris Barnett, were veiled threats at best. This means the DA does not qualify in filing the Threats of Acts of Violence charge because it has to be a TRUE threat.
  • The police and DA's office have been overcharging people since Medical Marijuana became legal. 
  • David L. Moss is overflowing with inmates and are beyond max capacity at the facility. They have overflowing toilets for days on end and randomly shut off the water on inmates.
  • The first Bond Reduction hearing on August 5th was canceled because the DA lied to Judge Keeley about there not being any new evidence even though the DA and Judge Keeley were informed there was new evidence.
  • The concerned citizen that is helping the DA's office is the sheriff of Wagnor county. The same sheriff that Chris recently exposed for beating women in jail.
  • The DA has stated that it is unethical for him to comment on ongoing litigation but on August 14th, he decided that ethics didn't matter and commented on the case to news media outlets.
  • The DA lost his security badge on August 14th. Chris' husband, Trey, found the badge and politely returned it to the DA. The DA took the badge and refused to even acknowledge Trey or say thank you for returning his lost badge. A security badge which gives anyone access to the entire court house.
  • The DA acknowledge that he broke the Oklahoma Constitution by requesting no bond but stated he wasn't concerned with Chris Barnett's civil rights. The DA thinks he is above the law and doesn't have to abide by it.
  • The DA objected to the hearing on August 14th from taking place stating there wasn't enough notice and no time to review the evidence. On July 29th however, the DA got a last minute hearing set 15 minutes before the hearing was supposed to start and only gave defense council a 15 minute notice. The DA and Judge Seibert continued on to say that the hearing was going to happen no matter what, with or without Chris Barnett's council present.
  • Judge Keeley continually had to correct the DA and ADA Collier about their unprofessionalism during the bond reduction hearing on August 14th. 
  • The DA believes he should receive special treatment because he is the DA and thinks he is above the law. 
  • The DA believes it is okay and right to keep people falsely incarcerated under trumped up charges while he continues to break the law and receives no repercussions ... yet.

By Tracy Steinburg

August 15th, 2019

  • Judge Keeley claimed no new evidence was presented to him during a 2 and a half hour long hearing. 
  • Judge Keeley was informed that holding Chris without bond was a violation of his civil rights. Judge Keeley has now violated Chris' rights along with Judge Seibert and the DA's office.
  • The news media is refusing to cover the illegal happenings at the court house. 
  • Chris Barnett is being held as a political prisoner for exposing corruption in Oklahoma since he has already been found to NOT be a threat by medical professionals.
  • Judge Keeley waited to the last minute to file an order so that Chris wouldn't be able to pursue other options until August 19th.
  • The DA is aware that they will have to dismiss the Threats of Acts of Violence charge because of a Federal Court ruling that stated Chris wasn't a threat and his speech was constitutionally protected. 
  • Judge Keeley, Judge Seibert, and the DA's office will all be sued for willfully violating a person's civil rights and malicious prosecution.

Tracy Steinburg

Updated August 17th, 2019

TFO lawsuits against Oklahoma Government agencies

July 21, 2019: New website design coming soon.  Huge TU and Hall Estill Data Dump coming soon.  

July 17, 2019 President Trump is right by calling for some elected officials to go back to where they came from.  ASS. OK AG Jeb Joseph needs to send his wife back to where she came from.  Jeb Joseph and his wife are both terrorist.   Chris Barnett to seek Restraining order against Jefferson Sellers to protect victims.

July 16, 2019  Child Molesting Judge and alleged rapist Judge Jefferson Sellers-Delapp-Warren Jeffs

is on a role in trying to cover up the scandal that is plaguing his administration.

The child molesting Judge is going after his most fierce critic, TFO President, Christopher Barnett,

and doing everything he can to abuse his authority and try to use the courts to silence Christopher Barnett.  TFO has spoken with multiple legal experts who have all stated that the child molesting Judge cannot do what he is doing.  The next step is a compliant to the Supreme Court of Oklahoma and then hopefully they will start proceedings to remove the child molester from office and then charge him criminally.  It appears that TU and the Judge are working together and TU is hiding behind the child molesting Judge.  

Jeb Joseph announced that he has come out of the closet and will have sex change surgery so that he becomes a she and his wife, who is also a terrorist, will become a full blown Muslim terrorist Lesbian.  Jebs wife wants to take Jebs 2 millimeter micro penis and have it transplanted onto her so she wears the pants and has the penis.  She said something about sleeping with 1000 virgins after she carries out her next terrorist attack at another dentist office.  Jeb Joseph is part of a terrorist sleeper cell who has infiltrated the Oklahoma Attorney Generals Office in an attempt to push his terrorist agenda onto the State of Oklahoma.  Hopefully authorities stop him before he kills anyone.  Jebs wife claims to be a Doctor, but we have decoded her advertising which contains terrorist threats.  TFO has sent a post card out to everyone in the area this terrorist practices alerting them to her terrorist ties. TFO has also provided Jeb's home address so that citizens know where the terrorist live.  

July 10, 2019:  Judge Jefferson Sellers Delapp is so scared the only thing he can do is break the law more.  What do members of Jefferson Sellers Church think?  We will be interviewing them to find out soon.  The typical illegal actions of a guilty man.

July 7, 2019:  TFO has received verified information that Jefferson Sellers, a corrupt Tulsa County Judge has been downloading Child Porn.  The current issue TFO is having is how does TFO publish the information without breaking the law or advertising these sick websites?  TFO cannot go to the police as this is a Judge. . The Attorney Generals Office is corrupt and represents Jefferson Sellers, so who does one go to when the have this type of evidence?  Perhaps Hall Estill has forged this information, though it does look very legit.  Hall Estill has a history of forging documents and providing them to TFO President Chris Barnett, only to accuse him of forging the document which has always been proven untrue.  This information not only includes child porn, but also sex trafficking.  The parody written last week about Jefferson Sellers and The University of Tulsa purchasing migrant children must have hit home with someone who has access to Jefferson Sellers computers and this other information.  TFO's official stance on the terrible issues at the border is this.  President Trump is wrong.  It doesn't matter if they are from another country and have entered the USA illegally, they still have rights, as the Supreme Court has ruled over and over again.  We pray that the crises at our borders end soon.  We firmly support our President, but disagree with his policies and treatment of people at our borders.  

July 5, 2019: The corruption continues.  All of a sudden, Judges are retaliating against TFO President, Chris Barnett and his spouse.  TFO is aware of why, however due to its confidential nature, TFO will not reveal any information at this time.  These ignorant Judges ensure that the court system will always be bogged down.  They do this for job security.  The University of Tulsa does not want Trey Barnett to ever get any discovery or depositions done.  The University of Tulsa, filed in bad faith, a motion to quash the lawfully issued subpoenas to take the depositions of Winona Tanaka and Susan Barrett.  The University of Tulsa is infatuated with Chris Barnett.  They can't get enough of him.  No surprise, The University of Tulsa has now filed for sanctions against Trey Barnett apparently accusing him of providing documents to Chris Barnett.  Sound familiar?  This is what The University of Tulsa did to Trey Barnett which is why they are being sued.  Now The University of Tulsa doesn't like what Chris Barnett says on his personal facebook page, or even blogging on TFO, so they now file for sanctions against Trey, and they have ZERO proof.  Expect a new lawsuit or another claim to be filed against The University of Tulsa.  For a law school, they are pretty fucking stupid.  TFO President, Chris Barnett said he continues to pray for a terrible stroke of Winona Tanaka and prays for Lung Cancer for Susan Barrett. It appears that Keith Wilkes is also a terrorist.  More to come.   Read how Chris Barnett would take down TU, its comical. 

July 2, 2019:  Tulsa Community College has been denied Summary judgement by the court against TFO President Chris Barnett.  A trial date has been set of 08/13/2019.  TFO President Chris Barnett said " This is a win for transparency and a lose for The Oklahoma Attorney Generals Office who has fought so hard all open records request.  The only way to hold a corrupt Government accountable is through open records".  TCC would not return any calls for comment in keeping with their hermit kingdom ways.  TFO President, Chris Barnett plans to appeal the ruling as it is.  Barnett said that "The Judge erred in this matter because he used a law from another State.  I used under the Oklahoma Open Records Act.  This Judge wants to pick and choose what laws apply.  If we are using other States laws, we have case law from other States that say that the emails I am seeking are public record.  The e-mails are an expenditure of public funds.  The only reason for TCC to review each email, which goes against the act, and imposes additional requirement on the agency, which they themselves choose to do, is to keep secret corruption and wrong doing and take out those emails.  This is not what Transparency looks like.  OK AG Mike Hunter went on the record saying that he wanted to do away with the Oklahoma Open Records Act.  Of course he wants to do away with the open records act to keep the bad deeds and the bribes paid by the oil and natural gas companies secret.  The only way Mike Hunter won the election was with the money paid by oil and gas companies.  Don't get me wrong, oil and gas made me a millionaire many times over, but we need transparency, not back room deals.  I made my living honestly, while Mike Hunter made it with dirty money and at the expense of tax payers."  

June 28th 2019: The University of Tulsa has entered into an agreement with the Federal Government to turn its campus into a concentration camp for immigrants entering the country illegally.  Susan Barrett has been tapped to lead the program.  The first proposal made by Barrett and her assistant Winona Tanaka was to euthanize all immigrants after they have been at the facility for 48 hours.  Barrett stressed that this would increase profits by making more beds available sooner.  Barrett then went on to look for a coupon to buy up to 100 incinerators to cremate the bodies and asked Oklahoma Natural Gas for a discount on natural gas.  University of Tulsa supports turning the school into a concentration camp as it has been failing as a University since it came under the control of Winona Tanaka.  While the University of Tulsa removed Winona Tanaka as the Vice Provost, she has remained in power through blackmail and extortion.  The first person Barrett reached out to was Tulsa Attorney John Lackey to see how many children he would purchase from The University of Tulsa.  John Lackey urged the University to euthanize parents as quickly as possible to increase its numbers of children with no parents.  Lackey and Jefferson Sellers have entered into a business transaction to purchase even more children.  As of lately, contractors have been seen at both Sellers and Lackeys's homes building additional cells to hold more children.  Sellers has also asked the court house to allow him to build cells to hold slaves there.  When Assistant Attorney General and terrorist Jeb Jospeh and his Wife  Mona Javadian Farzaneh Joseph found out about the business transaction between Sellers and Lackey, both reached deep into their piggy banks and scraped together $1,000.00 to invest in the venture.  Jefferson Sellers did not want terrorist coming into their business and told Joseph he could join as long as he sold his wife to the University of Tulsa quickly and said they would find him a proper bride from the University.  It is said that Joseph became a terrorist after marrying Mona, however we have also heard that Mona became a terrorist after marrying Joseph.  Either way, they are fucking terrorist.  Barrett has promised to end the feud with the Barnett's by euthanizing Machele Dill and Tara Moses once this new exciting program takes off.  Barret's only concern was both Dill and Moses are very large it's as they don't use gender pronouns and Barrett was concerned that she would not be able to burn the large bodies or there was not an incinerator large enough for the two it's.   Both Chris and Trey Barnett are disgusted by the entire situation.  Now we must ask, is this is what will become of Tulsa Community College as well?  When TCC President and Felon Leigh was reached for comment, she said she could not deny nor confirm that Tulsa Community College or Oklahoma University are being turned int o concentration camps and she went on to say that she is happy to join the Federal Government in its attempts to clean up our country from what Goodson called, "illegals in our damn country".  Goodson offered to pose for TFO with her AR15, however  TFO has declined this offer as it does not support violence nor wishes to provide a platform for hatred, bigotry, Racism from anyone, including ass wipes from any University including the Terrorist University of Tulsa.   TFO reached out to Jeb Joseph for comment and he said "Desiree and I have always supported the University of Tulsa".  When TFO asked what he meant by "Desiree and I", Joseph went on to confess that "I meant his wife Mona but I'm married to both Desiree Singer Joseph and  Mona Javadian Farzaneh Joseph under Muslim law.  They are my wives and property and I will not trade them for any less than 1 donkey each."  TFO claims the value of both women are worth far less than 1 donkey and offered perhaps a baby chicken as the value for each.  "Joseph countered with 2 goats and 1 donkey total for both take it please."

June 26, 2019: John Lackey offers to buy Migrant Children from the Texas Border to sell in Tulsa.  The University of Tulsa has already entered into a contract with the law firm of Paul and Lackey to buy up to 1500 immigrant children from Paul and Lackey to save on labor cost.  

Update: June 26, 2019 TFO has filed its answer in its lawsuit against Tulsa Community College.  TFO will bring the felons at TCC like Leigh Goodson, Lauren Brookey, Diane Hainey, Kelly Clark, William Carter and others to justice.  When two or more people conspire to commit a crime, it is a felony, which is what the people named above have done.  See our answer here.  Oklahoma Assistant Attorney General Jeb Joseph, also an alleged terrorist continues to break the laws of Oklahoma with no consequences.  Personally, I would feel better if we did not have an Assistant Attorney General who is married to a terrorist.  When is Jeb Joseph or his wife going to commit a suicide attack on Oklahoma?  Let's hope never, but it seems more likely as each day passes by and nothing is done to stop the unlawful actions of Jeb Joseph and Desiree Singer.  

Update: June 24, 2019 Justice delayed is justice denied.  The corruption across Oklahoma continues.  Judges are out of control with their liberal agendas in Oklahoma and the only time anyone wants to do something about it is when it effects an elected official , or someone who has padded the pockets of elected officials.  Look at the corrupt University of Tulsa.  They have so many Tulsa County Judges on their current payroll.  The corruption is real, but its okay cause Judges have immunity, can hide everything from the public, break the law, not follow the law, continue to bog down the judicial system and the only people who get screwed are the normal people. So perhaps blackmail is the way to go except we won't use actual black mail, we will just publish the information.  We know these Judges aren't faithful.  We know these Judges have many secrets and skeletons.  If you have information, email it to us  transparencyforoklahomans@gmail.com .  If you have anything incriminating on Daman Cantrell, Jefferson Sellers, Rebecca Nightingale, Doug Drummond, Linda Morrissey, or any Judge in the State of Oklahoma, email it to us.  

Update: June 21, 2019 Corrupt Wagoner County Deputy Dustin Dorr takes action against Whistle Blower deputy who refused to lie and break the law.  TFO has requested that the District Attorney's Office charge Dorr with a crime under the Oklahoma Open Records Act.  TFO can confirm that the deputy that Wagoner County has taken action against is not our source of information.  We will tell you that the source is within the District Attorney's office.

Update: June 20, 2019 Should the University of Tulsa be the next Parkland?  Winona Tanaka thinks so.  This University wants a school shooting because it would help them get out of debt.  Rumor has it that Winona Tanaka has been planning a school shooting for years at The University of Tulsa in an attempt to finally take our her arch nemesis, the truth.  We hope that none of this comes to past and the only thing that takes place is the truth and no violence, even though Winona Tanaka and Susan Barrett are both for violence.  Winona and Susan would like to see all African Americans and Gay people back in. chains.  Winona forgets she is Chinese.  

Update: June 19, 2019  Would you vote on a State Question to make all Judges e-mails public?  This might get rid of our back log and would certainly help get rid of corrupt Judges like Jefferson Sellers and Linda Morrissey in Tulsa and stop the back room deals done by Hall Estill and other corrupt lawe firms.  TFO is currently working on a State Question, which we hope to have on the ballot in time for voting.  The people have the power!!!!

Update: June 19, 2019  TFO takes on corrupt Okay, Oklahoma.  See our link titled Okay, Oklahoma lies.  TFO will be filing suit this week against the town of Okay, Oklahoma and its Mayor, Brad Matthews for violating the Oklahoma Open Records Act.  Mayor Matthews admits to Fox 23 News that he and Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott have a continued dialog and have since he was elected.  Read the files and see what their uneducated attorney's tried to do in an attempt to lie to TFO.  We know what the Oklahoma Open Records Act is.  The dumb attorney representing the town of Okay, Oklahoma has no idea what it is.  You can see this is clear in his letters.  We'll set them straight in court.  TFO will also be filing suit against the Wagoner County 

Update: June 14, 2019  The Low T Center aka Low T IP Holdings has really sank to a new low.  Through their attorney's at the disgraced law firm of Latham, Steele, Lehman, Bully Attorney Matt Primm filed against TFO President Christopher Barnett Contempt of Court charges claiming a facebook post he saw online violated a protective order.  Barnett went to the contempt hearing, plead not guilty and requested that the court appoint an attorney to defend the frivolous actions brought by The Low T Center, Low T IP Holdings & the disgraced corrupt law firm of Latham, Steele, Lehman.  Barnett said he has never violated any protective order and it was in fact Latham, Steele, Lehman that violated the protective order in an attempt to silence Barnett.  At the hearing, Matt Primm told Barnett's attorney that if Barnett had TFO remove everything about "The Low T Center" from it's website that they would drop the contempt hearing.  Barnett made it clear that he isn't afraid of Matt Primm or the Low T Center.  The court set bail at $0.00.  Barnett also requested a jury trial.  This isn't the first time that Matt Primm has tried to silence TFO.  TFO Vice President Anita Mann was attacked by Matt Primm after she refused to buy 5 of his slave children.  Matt Primm still believes he's living in the 1800's and its okay to have slaves.  If you use the law firm of Latham, Steele, Lehman you are likely supporting human trafficking and child slavery.  

Update June 02, 2019: TFO will be going to Comanche, Oklahoma to retrieve records requested under the Oklahoma Open Records Act.  We will be there with our Camera Crew and the entire thing will be live via FB and also on our youtube channel.  TFO will also be going to Tulsa Community College with our camera crew this week and let the public see how TCC denies records.  This will all be live on Facebook and our Youtube Channel.  TFO is currently in talks with a network to broadcast our visits and investigations as well.  BTW, huge bombshell coming from Washington County soon.    

Update: June 01, 2019: TFO has received information about current Wagoner County District Attorney Jack Thorp along with a copy of a protective order filed against him, which he had sealed illegally.  We have published a copy of that order, along with several other documents.  The corruption in Wagoner is real and it won't be cleaned up as long as the District Attorney there is corrupt and crooked.  Citizens of Wagoner, get ready, we need your signatures soon.  

Update: May 24, 2019:  Chris Barnett's personal lawsuit against Tulsa Community College for violating the Oklahoma Open Records Act has gone no where.  The Oklahoma Attorney Generals Office continues to file frivolous filings and continues to lie and mislead the courts and refuses to uphold the law.  TCC has asked for summary Judgement and has refused to turn over documents.  TCC has also opposed Barnett's request for a hearing to hear all pending motions.  Barnett also filed a motion, offering to post a bond to bring TCC into compliance so they could release the records and then the lawsuit could be heard on the merits.  TCC opposed this as well which shows they do not want to comply with the Oklahoma Open Records Act because they have something to hide.  TCC maintains the position that personal emails sent on the tax payers dime are not subject to the open records act, however the Oklahoma Open Records Act is very clear, if it is an expenditure of public funds it is a public record.  TCC is wrong and the Oklahoma Attorney Generals Office continues to waste tax dollars instead of following the law.  Follow the money and that leads you to the corruption.  

Update: May 24, 2019 . Transparency for Oklahomans appeared in court today in Wagoner County, seeking injunctive relief.  The Judge sided with TFO and granted a temporary restraining order against The City of Wagoner and the Wagoner Police Department, preventing the destruction of records.  The City Attorney for Wagoner said they would not delete any records, but objected to the restraining order preventing them from deleting or. destroying any documents relating to. TFO's open records request.  The Judge followed the law and over ruled the objection.  A hearing is. set for May 29, 2019 in which the answers from the Defendant are due.  From OSCN  "REQUESTS FOR INFORMATION, PARTIES TO APPEAR ON 5-29-19  @ 3PM AND DEFENDANT'S ANSWERS WILL BE DUE AT THAT TIME; TEMP INJUNCTION WILL BE SET UPON APPLICATION.  TFO will continue to defend Transparency and fight for all Oklahomans vested right to know.  

Update: May 18, 2019   Transparency for Oklahomans will be announcing more lawsuits this coming week as they are filed.  

Transparency for Oklahomans files lawsuit against Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton for violations of the Oklahoma Open Records Act.  Read the lawsuit TFO filed here.  

Update: May 17, 2019  TFO files lawsuit against The City of Wagoner, Oklahoma for violating the Oklahoma Open Records Act.  

Update: May 17, 2019  TFO files lawsuit against The City of Bixby for violations of the Oklahoma Open Records Act.  The Honorable Judge LaFortune has been assigned to this lawsuit filed by TFO.  Read the lawsuit here.  

TFO files lawsuit against Tulsa Community College as promised.  Click here to read the lawsuit.   Corrupt, uneducated Judge Jefferson Sellers assigned to lawsuit filed by TFO.  This is the same Judge who has admitted on the record over and over that he has not done his job.  He has zero accountability.  When TFO filed its lawsuit today, the court clerk made the Statement that Judge Sellers would not be. happy that he had this lawsuit.  TFO has made an open records request to the Tulsa County Court Clerk seeking emails from staff, excluding Judges to see how much the hens are gossiping.  The gossip even extends to the disgraced Judge Linda Morrissey.  Judge Jefferson Sellers cannot simply do his job and follow the law.  Certainly, even a 1st grader could do the same but Judge Jefferson Sellers-Delapp isn't capable of doing his job, as even he has admitted.  It's unfortunate that tax payers continue to be stolen from over and over by Judge Jefferson Sellers-Delapp unimpeded.    TFO is planning to purchase Billboards in Judge Sellers home town which read "Judge Sellers quite stealing from tax payers".  It is truly incredible that Judge Sellers has admitted to not doing his job, over and over, and has admitted to discriminating against plaintiff's multiple times.  Life as a Judge must be nice if they can do this type of stuff.  TFO believes that no one is above the law and that also includes Judges.  We don't believe that all Judges are bad.  In fact, we have been told that Judge Sellers was one of the best Judges in Tulsa, however his failure to read the simple open records act and enforce it as the law requires is startling.  Why has Judge Sellers allowed Tulsa Community College to continue breaking the law since 2015 and has not ordered them to stop and start complying with the law?  

By: Larz Justice:  Today, in a hearing between George Barnett and The University of Tulsa, neither Judge Sellers-Delapp nor The University of Tulsa could answer if TFO President, Chris Barnett is subject to their illegal protective order which is also a prior restraint.  The University of Tulsa has had a prior restraint put in place to keep Chris Barnett and George Barnett quiet and to try to control Chris Barnett's free speech. This is what got The University of Tulsa sued in the first place.   Chris Barnett does not believe he is bound by the illegal protective order and therefore will not follow it at all.  Hall Estill has threatened sanctions.  Here is our message to the morbidly obese Johnathan Rogers and Keith Wilkes... bring it big boys and you can eat your happy meal and get your free toy with it too.  The University of Tulsa can continue to stall and try to stop discovery and depositions, but in the end a Jury will get to decide if the bad faith from The University of Tulsa is okay.  The University of Tulsa continues to steal money from students and cut programs.  As TFO President Chris Barnett has said multiple times, it is only a matter of time before The University of Tulsa completely collapses.  

TFO plans to file Federal Lawsuit against Tulsa Community College for civil rights violations relating to free speech.  TFO has submitted numerous open record request in regards to its attempts to use a venue at Tulsa Community College featuring speaker Milo Yiannopoulos.  The fake news at the Tulsa World inaccurately reported information, provided to them by Tulsa Community College.  Tulsa Community College, funded by tax payers, not only has an obligation to protect free speech, but its President, Leigh Goodson, sent out a campus wide e-mail in an attempt to curtail free speech she states she did not agree with.  TCC did everything possible to stop the event from taking place.  TFO plans to depose everyone involved at TCC and maybe one day we will be able to shed light on the communist run Tulsa Community College.  As of the writing of this, TFO President Chris Barnett is still unable to comment on TCC's social media pages after TCC banned him from participating, which is a violation of Barnett's civil rights.  Of course, you won't hear any of this in the fake news media.  The only thing you will hear is what will sell advertising.  Thankfully, everyone at TFO is a volunteer and doesn't sale their soul to the devil.  Until this recent event, Barnett actually believed the Tulsa World was a decent newspaper, but writing articles telling people what to do is not only wrong, it is liken to that of a communist run newspaper.  While yes it is free speech, we must wonder if Russia has infiltrated The Tulsa World and other news media outlets.  Make no mistake, free speech is at risk of being lost all across the USA.  We must continue the fight to protect free speech and expose members of TCC's white supremacist hate groups led by people like Leigh Goodson or Wendi Wilkerson.  TFO is also curious to see what involvement The University of Tulsa had in the matter if any.  The University of Tulsa is also a communist run University on the brink of Bankruptcy.  TFO has exposed The University of Tulsa and will keep doing so for years to come.  The University of Tulsa continues to steal from students and take their money, then they get rid of courses and guess what, the education you just invested in has ZERO value.  TFO has estimated that The University of Tulsa will be completely bankrupt and shut down since it has failed to stop its Nazi Style tactics towards students.  If you are considering attending The University of Tulsa, or Tulsa Community College, we urge you to reconsider unless of course you support terrorism and hate America.  When you graduate from either of. these colleges, employers will see you as a terrorist and someone who hates America.  So please, think twice before supporting Terrorism.  

Open Records Request to The City of Tulsa is still outstanding, lawsuit planned by TFO.  More to come.  

Milo Yiannopoulos is NOT coming to Tulsa.  

Official Statement from TFO on Milo Yiannopoulos and why we are not bringing him back to Tulsa.

Update: April 24, 2019:  While it was fun exposing TCC for the frauds that they are, TFO will not be bringing Milo back to Tulsa.  We wish Milo the best, however this was simply a publicity stunt to bring more attention to the discrimination by TCC and The University of Tulsa.  We did have 100% intentions to bring Milo to Tulsa to speak, as you see we brought him to Tulsa.  While we have our differences with Milo, and it is no secret that he is broke, we refused to give him anymore money until we were able to solidify a contract with TCC.  We support free speech 100%.  Despite Milo's comments on his page, claiming we missed payment deadlines, there were no payment deadlines, but instead he tried to strong arm us into sending him more money before anything was rock solid.  Milo is a great person and we truly wish him the best.  Milo was paid everything owed to him.  Again, we apologize to everyone and really did want Milo to speak here, however Milo would not work with us to get the TCC contract solidified and TCC had no intentions to allow us to have a venue there anyway.  Tulsa Community College leaked everything to the press and of course the press only reported half the story as usual.  I assure you, we did not cave to any protesters, in fact, we welcome all protesters and had hoped for a peaceful protest and hoped that Tulsa would set an example for the rest of the nation when it comes to free speech and protesters.  Additionally, the discrimination that Chris and Trey Barnett have faced from Tulsa Community College, The University of Tulsa and of course our judicial system is terrible, yet again, no one cares.  So there ya have it, soak it up news media.  

The Pat Campbell show was censored and not allowed by station management or it's owner David Griffin to have Milo Yiannopoulos on Pat's show.  No worries, it looks like Milo was invited to appear on the #1 rated show in Tulsa and welcomed with open arms at KRMG.  So if you support the 1st amendment, be sure to support KRMG because they still believe in it and stand behind it, unlike Griffin Media.  Hear the interview of Milo here and if your an advertiser, we urge you to spend your money on a station that supports American values, not censorship like Griffin Media or the Pat Campbell show.   https://od-cmg.streamguys1.com/tulsa/tul1023/20190411130600-miloyiannopolous041119.mp3?listeningSessionID=0CD_382_101__dcdc85140ced0bbb4f5c8094c993a28347b34ee6 .  

Crazy TCC professor Wendi Wilkerson writes letter to Tulsa World , showing how uneducated she is, then complains because people are able to put her name in Google and find her.  Duh!  Click her to view the info   Wendi of course resorts to tactics such as claiming TFO is run by white supremacist.  Need we remind everyone that the President of TFO, is currently suing Tulsa Community College for refusing to release emails that contain the racial slur starting with "N".  TCC has spent millions trying to not comply with the open records act because they have something to hide.  If there was nothing to hide, TCC would release the emails.  TFO has requested copies of Wendi Wilkerson's emails and browser history.  The public has a right to know as it is an expenditure of public funds.  Wendi is definitely the racist person and we encourage all TCC students with any information to come forward.    TCC has a long history of racism and we're going to keep exposing it.  This college does not promote free speech.  

Dumb as fuck Claremore Judge...

Claremore, Oklahoma Judge gets it wrong AGAIN!!!  Last time this same Judge got it wrong, she cost Tax payers over $60k.   

Welcome to Transparency for Oklahomans.  We hold nothing back.  Please read our site and please be offended.  Don't bitch to us about it, go thank a solider that you and I have the right to discuss anything and have free speech.  Remember, hate speech is a myth and doesn't exist because it would violate free speech.  If you leave this website pissed off or at least informed of something, we have accomplished our mission which is to educate people on transparency, free speech and the 2nd amendment and the corruption taking place across Oklahoma.  The University of Tulsa and The Law Firm of Hall Estill leads the State of Oklahoma in terms of corruption.  We have tied Hall Estill to numerous scandals and matters of corruption where they have been paid quite well with tax payer money.  We have been investigating Hall Estill for a while and we aren't stopping until we have indictments issued and arrest are made.  

Listed in Order, here are TFO's picks of corruption leaders in Oklahoma meaning they are behind corruption in Oklahoma.  Exposing them is the only way to make it stop.  The now deceased J. Patrick Cremin of Hall Estill went so far as to call in false threats to the court house to keep TFO President Chris Barnett from obtaining records from Tulsa Community College that would implicate him, his firm and The University of Tulsa.  

1. The University of Tulsa

2. The Law Firm of Hall Estill

3. The City of Tulsa

4. Tulsa Community College

5. The City of Henryetta

6. Rogers County Sheriff's Office, Claremore

7. John David Lackey, The law firm of Paul and Lackey.  (He hates free speech and the 2nd amendment)

8. The Oklahoma Attorney Generals Office

9. Oklahoma University

10. Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

Terrorist ASS OK AG Jeb Joseph, second from the left.

Terrorist ASS OK AG Jeb Joseph, second from the left.

Corruption Enders

Why Transparency Matters

This is an email from Brad Matthews, Mayor of Okay, Oklahoma encouraging more tickets

Do you know what the Oklahoma Open Records Act is?  Or the Oklahoma Open Meetings Act?  

These are both laws that protect citizens across Oklahoma and allow them to participate in their Government.  These laws also guarantee that every citizen can request information in the interest of the public such as e-mails, expenditure of public funds, see how much has been spent and more.  This is your right as an Oklahoma citizen.  

A Transparent Government is essential to keeping our public officials and public servants honest and ensure that they are doing their jobs honestly and faithfully.  100% full transparency is how we achieve this.  Recently, Government employees across Oklahoma came to this wild idea that e-mails they send or receive on their publicly paid for e-mail address at the Government agency they work for are private.  WRONG.  Any e-mail sent or received on a Government or tax payer funded e-mail account is public record.  Public funds pay for the e-mail, the server and its likely that the employee is on the clock when the e-mails are sent.  

Social Media

Did you know that you can also request the social media logs, emails, tweets and even messages from Government employees who use social media while on the clock, or who use social media at tax payer expense?  It's not intrusive and they don't lose any rights to privacy.  We are paying them to do a job and they shouldn't be on their personal facebook pages while on the tax payers dime, clocked in.  We are actively seeking social media activity from several agencies across the state including the Oklahoma Attorney Generals Office, Tulsa Community College, The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, Glenpool Public Schools, and more.  

Jeb Joseph, Assistant Attorney General is under investigation for lying again and tax payers could be on the hook for MILLIONS!!!  An indictment is expected to be forth coming against Jeb Joseph and possibly Desiree Singer.  It is very possible that Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter could also be indicted.  We'll have more details soon.  To date, the Oklahoma Attorney Generals Office has not responded to open records request sent in January of 2018.  The indictments forthcoming having nothing to do with the OAG not complying with the Oklahoma Open Records Act.  

Judge Jefferson Sellers Delapp agrees to step down from hearing lawsuit brought by Christopher Barnett against Tulsa Community College for intentionally violating the Oklahoma Open Records Act.  Barnett has filed an appeal with the Supreme Court of Oklahoma asking that they order the release of all records sought, in the interest of the public from Tulsa Community College.  Barnett has been investigating Tulsa Community College since July 2015 for racial discrimination, corruption, discrimination, criminal conduct and more.  Judge Jefferson Sellers Delapp has refused to order TCC to produce one single document.  In fact, the lawsuit is an injunction and the request for an injunction has never even been heard.  We want to see transparency and we respectfully ask, what is Tulsa Community College hiding and why is Judge Jefferson Sellers Delapp helping cover up corruption?  It is the opinion of Christopher Barnett that Judge Jefferson Sellers Delapp should also step down from hearing the case brought against The University of Tulsa by Barnett's husband George Barnett, where The University of Tulsa took all of his tuition then expelled him because they did not like the comments of a third party.  The University of Tulsa worked with Tulsa Community College to discriminate against both Christopher and his husband George Barnett.  Tulsa Community College is publicly funded.  The lawsuit against both are ongoing and they are not expected to be resolved anytime soon.  Just today, a list of more than 55 names were released of people who will be deposed in the lawsuit against The University of Tulsa.  On the conservative side, TFO estimates that The University of Tulsa will spend in excess of $10 million dollars in legal fees trying to cover up their bigotry and discrimination.  Barnett's husband George has said he's ready to get discovery out of the way and get it to trial.  "If what they did to me is okay, I'm worried about the direction of where our country is heading.  I'm ready for the truth to come out and for my name to be cleared.  I was nothing but an excellent student who put in more time than others and went above and beyond to help anyone I could.  For The University of Tulsa to tell me that I'm responsible for what other people say on Facebook is unacceptable.  I truly believe that if I were straight, this would never have happened.  I was targeted by The University of Tulsa and Tulsa Community College because I am openly gay and married someone who is proud to stand up and support free speech."

When Government Official's deny open records request, we step in to fight for you at no charge


The Government in Oklahoma has a horrible history with corruption.  When citizens request information and they are denied or given bogus excuses simply because the custodian of records does not want to do the job they are paid to do, Transparency for Oklahoman's steps in and we'll fight hard for you and at no cost.  When any Oklahoma Public Body or Oklahoma State agency has denied you open records, contact us.  

Suing the Oklahoma Government is what we do


We aren't a law firm but we have a lot of attorney's on our staff and attorney's who take cases pro-bono.  If Transparency for Oklahoman's decides that you have a case and we aren't able to help you obtain the records you seek, the next step is to file a lawsuit and we love suing the Oklahoma Government and holding them accountable.  

Bixby City Attorney claims emails are exempt

Today, Chris Barnett sent several open record request to the City of Bixby.  As you likely know, Chris Barnett is a full supporter of transparency.  Chris records all phone calls when he calls inquiring about open records and other issues.  The phone call with Bixby City Attorney Steve Oakley turned interesting when Chris requested a copy of all of the Police Chiefs e-mails.  Mr. Oakley admits that he and the police chief email a lot of "personal stuff" on there.... yes, Mr. Oakley admits that he has sent stuff that is personal on the tax payers dime and for some reason, he seems to believe that he has an expectation to privacy.  This poor fool then tried to claim attorney client privilege for everything.  I explained to him that anything he claims is exempt, we will have a Judge determine if it is indeed exempt or not.  Remember, the public has the right to know.  There is no reason to read each and every email.  This request was made in the interest of the public.  Once Steve Oakley turns over the emails, I will then issue a subpoena to the internet service provider to confirm that the emails provided are the same count.  Why are Government agencies so fearful of transparency?  Don't break the law and you have nothing to fear.  Sunshine is the best cure for corruption and we're gonna let it shine!!!  Wonder if Mr. Oakley and the police cheif have exchanged Child Pornography?  It's sickening, but unless they release all emails, we will never know what they are hiding.  Rest assure, TFO will continue the fight and we won't stop until we find what they are hiding, and if it is Child Porn, we'll also help in the prosecution.  

Transparency for Oklahomans will be filing suit against The City of Bixby, The Bixby Police Department and any others involved in this cover up.  OSBI was seen going to the Bixby Police Department today.  When Chris Barnett inquired he was told they were making updates... could those updates be deleting emails?  Spoliation of evidence?  

As of 12/20/2018 Steve Oakley has sent a very short email.  Transparency for Oklahomans has extended an olive branch in an attempt to bring The City of Bixby Government up to date on the Open Records Act, The Open Meetings Act and try to avoid litigation, however Steve Oakley doesn't appear interested.  TFO has a lot of cases pending and about to be filed, but we are trying to file the suit against The City of Bixby to prevent the destruction of records by tomorrow before the court house closes.  By the City Attorney's own admissions, it is imperative that the Bixby City Counsel act immediately.  

Bixby Employee turns over secret files.  We will publish once counsel has given approval.  We may need to bring in the US Attorney's office from outside Oklahoma on this one.  It's a shame Jane Duke is no long with the US Attorney's office.  

We are considering gathering filing the petition to gather signatures to have the corruption investigated.  

As promised, on May 17, 2019 Transparency for Oklahomans took action and filed suit against The City of Bixby for violations of the Oklahoma Open Records Act.  Read the lawsuit here.  

steve oakley phone call (mp3)


Email to Steve Oakley (pdf)


Open Records Request To Bixby Police Dept. (PDF)


orr for Steve Oakleys public emails (pdf)


steve oakley some records (pdf)


Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority ORR

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority aka OMMA continues to deny open records request.  In the document, available for Download, Transparency for Oklahoman's president Christopher Barnett shows the public his open records request, submitted on behalf of Transparency for Oklahoman's and the response of the OMMA.  Oklahoma Law does not require that you fill out a form to obtain records.  The form provided by the OMMA is also defective because it changes the dates for which one is seeking records.  If you put 07/01/2018 to current, it changes 07/01/2018 to the current date and does not accept current as a value.  It will not accept the form because the dates are automatically changed to the current date.  This is a violation of the Oklahoma Open Records Act and Mr. Barnett has urged both the Oklahoma Department of Public Health and the OMMA to fully comply or face swift legal action.  It is becoming apparent that the only thing the OMMA and OSDH will listen to is a lawsuit.  Transparency for Oklahoman's currently has counsel drafting a lawsuit, an injunction and temporary restraining order to file against both the OMMA and OSDH.  It is time for full transparency by both of these public agencies.  The public has the right to know.  

As of this being added to this website on November 12, 2018 at 1:54 PM, Christopher Barnett received a denial response, again violating the Oklahoma Open Records Act.  His response to the Oklahoma Department of Public Health, along with their denial is attached below.  As of 2:12 pm, the form was tested again which OSDH is demanding that every person fill out.  The form is semi working, however the date is still an issue as it does not accept a 4 digit year.  This is limiting the scope of request submitted and discouraging anyone from submitting a request and preventing people from participating in their Government.

We have obtained a copy of the draft for edibles that have been sent to Governor Fallin for her review.  This information is provided to keep citizens informed.  

Rogers County Sheriff's Office, Scott Walton

Transparency for Oklahomans can confirm it is filing suit against The Rogers County Sheriff's Office for engaging in acts that violate the Oklahoma Open Records Act, The Oklahoma Open Meetings Act, Corruption, Racketeering and more.  The lawsuit will be posted for download, along with a press release.  Transparency for Oklahoman's President, Christopher Barnett will be holding a press conference once the suit is filed and providing copies on our website along with paper copies to the media.  We urge Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton to resign and step down.  When Transparency for Oklahomans come to Rogers County, we're coming to gather 5000 signatures to impanel a grand Jury and we will have Scott Walton, along with others removed from Office.  Update 05/13/2019 Promise kept.  TFO files suit against Rogers County Sheriff's Office and RCSO Sheriff Scott Walton. 

Rogers County Sheriff's Office response to ORR (pdf)


Rogers County Sheriff's Office deletes FB comments illegally (PDF)


Oklahoma Attorney Generals Office

The Administration of Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter is one of the most corrupt in the nation.  He's been bought and paid for by the oil and natural gas companies.  We have offered to sit down and meet with AG Mike Hunter and try to come to common ground, however AG Mike Hunter is so against Transparency that his office won't even accept our calls.  An open records request was submitted seeking only a few things in January 2018.  As of December 20, 2018 we have received nothing.  Samatha Hatch refused to comply with the law.  TFO is seeking arrest warrant's against Mike Hunter, Jeb Joseph, and Desiree Singer along with Samatha Hatch for violating the Oklahoma Open Records Act.  More to come.  The Oklahoma Attorney Generals Office has also sent both FBI and OSBI agents to the home of TFO President, Chris Barnett to intimidate and harass.  They refused to provide cards or ID, but failed to notice the 48 cameras on the compound.  Both sound and video was recorded.  An open records request has been sent to OSBI as well as an FOIA request to the FBI.  Unlike Judge Jefferson Sellers Delapp, TFO understands the difference between a state and federal request.  

TFO is launching an investigation into the oil and gas companies that bought and paid for Mike Cunter.  We won't let up and we won't relent.  This can stop by making your lackey, Mike Hunter follow the law.  Make him fall in line or we will start and it could turn into a nightmare for your companies... and our pockets are more endless than all oil and natural gas companies in Oklahoma.  Wanna try us?  We dare you.  You will regret it because we don't stop fighting for what is right.  Mike Hunter, do your job, comply with the law, fire Desiree Singer & Jeb Joseph and charge both of them for the crimes they have committed along with Lauren Brookey and Leigh Goodson at Tulsa Community College.  We have made the threat of a petition drive to impanel a Grand Jury, however we're going to stop threatening and start doing.  It's going to take a Grand Jury investigation to clean up the corruption in Oklahoma.  

Open Records Request to Oklahoma AG sent in Jan 2018 still no fucking response a year later (pdf)


Henryetta Oklahoma Investigation...more corruption

Transparency for Oklahomans is investigating the City of Henryetta, Oklahoma.  We have sent a large open records request.  We have provided a deadline of 30 days to respond.  We expect to file suit due to the nature of Henryetta officials not responding to citizens request in the past and present.

Update: March 05, 2019 by Christopher Barnett:  TFO has been patient with The City of Henryetta and I personally thought that other places were pretty bad, but Henryetta might take the cake and go to our #1 slot.  I found one thing that the City of Henryetta has in common with nearly all other places TFO is investigating.  They have used the law firm Hall Estill and there is missing money, unaccounted for.  How does a city of 5500 people spend $9.5 million dollars on a water system only for it not to work?  My most recent request, sent certified mail to The City of Henryetta Clerk is uploaded below.  These were sent certified mail with return receipt.  The Henryetta City Attorney John M. Insabella needs a course on the Oklahoma Open Records Act.  You are not required to fill out a form to obtain information.  In fact, the form they are using is illegal in my opinion because the only thing it talks about it fees and to the average citizen who might not be familiar with the open records act, the wording on this form would discourage anyone from requesting documents unless they know the law.   I also attached a copy of my request sent to The City of Henryetta in the new letter going to them, showing that I sent a request on December 20, 2018 via e-mail.  I've requested copies of all e-mails for that email address for that time period, which should be easy for them to comply with.  This will show they are lying and in violation of the Oklahoma Open Records Act.  I also faxed a copy of the request as well, but their attorney states "We have no record of a request for records from you."  How much was the City of Henryetta paid by the engineers & construction company as part of a settlement, negotiated by my favorite corrupt law firm, Hall Estill?  This information cannot remain confidential and must be released.  

Open Records Request to Henryetta (pdf)


Letter from City of Henryetta claiming they received no request from me (PDF)


Open Records Request sent to City of Henryetta 03052019 (pdf)


The Low T Center/Snake Oil

  • By:  Jason Blacksworth and Anita Mann:  You hear advertisements on radio and TV... claiming your testosterone is low.  TFO has found out through our Presidents lawsuit against The Low T Center of Tulsa that every person who has insurance that visits that Low T Clinic tests positive for needing Testosterone.  Transparency for Oklahomans is now investigating The Low T Center for insurance fraud as well as Medicare fraud.  There are nearly 500 of these snake oil clinics across the country and yet no media has asked questions... cause they are being bribed with advertising dollars.   TFO will be seeking to join the lawsuit of Chris Barnett as we believe this is of interest to the public.  Chris Barnett suffered in excess of $30,000.00 in damages due to a Dr. Larry Huber not knowing what he was doing and giving him too large of a dose of testosterone.  Then Chris found out that he never needed Testosterone in the first place.  Please avoid places like this.  They are simply taking advantage of people and have unqualified Doctors who claim they know what they are doing, but in reality, they don't.  The evidence by the Low T Center clearly shows they made a mistake, however they have continued to spend millions of dollars trying to Defend and cover up instead of doing the right thing.  Chris Barnett has said he will continue fighting for what is right and exposing corrupt corporations and corrupt Governments so long as he can breathe.  

Update 1-18-2019:  According to Chris Barnett, the attorney's for The Low T Center were really interested in who I am and I'm happy that Anita Mann has joined me in this investigation.  Chris has delivered to me and authorized me to post his medical records from The Low T Center where Dr. Larry Huber overdosed Chris Barnett on the snake oil they peddle.  The Low T Center P.A. Jonji Matthews documented in his notes and even told Chris that The Low T Center had been made aware of the old Doctors inability to listen and follow procedures, but kept letting him practice, endangering thousands of patients all because of greed.  Chris, as you know never goes down without a fight.  Chris has plans to purchase TV ads and billboards across Oklahoma and Texas and is working with a law firm to seek class action status.  I presume that The Low T Center isn't too happy about the details of their medical negligence being aired, but that has never stopped anyone from publishing the truth.  

TFO will be interviewing former employees of The Low T Center.  Evidence has been provided to TFO that The Low T Center has billed insurance companies for services never provided, double billed insurance companies and committed insurance fraud.  The Texas Attorney Generals Office is investigating.  Things are about to get ugly.  They should look at how long Chris can and will hold out, he won't back down.  Look at The University of Tulsa.  Chris did say that the gay attorney asked him if he still planned to run for Congress and Chris said he was quick to correct him and told him it was US Senate.  Chris said he found it odd that this company had two male gay attorney's for the depositions and one lesbian named Cheryl.  Cheryl is a graduate of Chris' favorite college, The University of Tulsa.  Chris said just hearing the words of The University of Tulsa uttered made him more determined to take this case to trial.  

Update:  As of 02/04/2019 The Attorney's for The Low T Center have issued a slew of subpoenas including demanding the personal information of both of these writers.  This will not stop or deter our investigation into The Low T Center or Dr. Lawrence E. Huber. 

As of 02/17/2019 more victims of The Low T Center have come forward and more lawsuits are expected to be filed.  The Low T Center took an extreme interest in this blog.  

Files coming soon.

University of Tulsa Lawsuit, avoid this rapey place

The University of Tulsa, Tulsa's most corrupt college

The University of Tulsa is one of the most corrupt colleges in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  They are allowed to do anything they want and no Judge will hold them accountable.  Judge Jefferson Sellers-Delapp is one of the worst offenders, along with Judge Daman Cantrell.  Both should be locked up for violating the Open Records Act.  Both are un-educated and refuse to do anything.  Judge Jefferson Sellers-Delapp hates all black people and gay people.  Judge Daman Cantrell is corrupt and is getting free attorney representation by the corrupt Oklahoma Attorney General.  Mike Hunter sold out to the oil and gas companies.  We are coming after the oil and gas companies next and more lawsuits will be filed.  See you soon.  


Oklahoma Department of Health ORA

On  September 13, 2018 I sent an open records request seeking emails regarding an affair that took place at the Oklahoma Department of Public health.  As of 12/26/2018 this request has not been full filled.  The records are requested in the interest of the public and to see if these two love birds mis-used taxpayer funds while carrying on their love affair at the expense of tax payers.  

Michael Hunt/CUNT... how many did he infect at TU?

How many people did University of Tulsa student Michael Hunt infect with HIV before he died?

It's a great question.  Most don't like to discuss it.  It was known that Michael Hunt was a stuck up person.  A bully.  Always thinking the world was his.  He had a secret.  One which he didn't share.  He had HIV.  He didn't practice safe sex.  Michael Hunt died of HIV related complications according to University of Tulsa unqualified professor Machele Dill.  

Not once did I hear the college urge students to please use protection or get tested.  Instead, it was ...poor Michael.  But who was crying for all of his victims he infected?  Well you see, no one.  Everyone wanted to ignore that because it wasn't popular.  

Michael Hunt or Mike Cunt?  Liz Hunt or Liz Cunt?

Elizabeth Hunt contacted Trey Barnett threatening him because his husband had written of her brothers selfish acts, by spreading HIV.  She then had her group of loser friends join in and then one person by the name of Daniel Howell even went as far as to call the stores owned by Chris and Trey Barnett and threaten to shoot and kill everyone and firebomb the store.  Chris Barnett was forced to seek an Emergency Protective order against this dangerous person for his safety, the safety of his husband and his employees.  The order was granted.  Daniel Howell is someone the Barnett's  consider dangerous. 

The University of Tulsa has continued to be at war with Chris Barnett as has the Law Firm of Hall Estill.  Chris refuses to back down.  The University of Tulsa helped spur the death threats against the Barnett's in an attempt to try to give the an upper hand in the ongoing litigation with Chris' husband, George Barnett.  Machele Dill helped fuel the fire, and the University of Tulsa paid her to do so.  The University of Tulsa will do anything to try to save their hides.  They aren't getting out of it that easy.  Chris Barnett will be bringing additional litigation against The University of Tulsa and The Hall Estill law firm as well as Susan Barrett, Winnona Tanaka, Machele Dill, June Clark, Gerard Clancy and others involved.  

Just imagine what a condom could have done for Michael Hunt or his victims?  The word Mike Cunt is used in this as Michael was often referred to this by other theatre students because he was a true cunt.  Students at the University of Tulsa theatre department such as John Yuan even stated... "Thank God he's dead, now others actually have a chance to audition and participate."  Michael was the teachers pet and Machele, with her lack of any integrity kept others from having any leading roles.  Michael Hunt was not talented at all and to watch him in anything was worse than hearing a cat being murdered.  Anything produced by Machele Dill was just plain trash.  This shows you how desperate The University of Tulsa is for employees.  Even bully University of Tulsa student Tara Moses referred to Mike Hunt as Mike Cunt and complained that he was the teachers pet.  Tara also complained about having to work with African Americans often.  

If reading this offended you good.  It's just a shame that no one cares about the true victims of the corrupt University of Tulsa.  This isn't a first class school.  It's run by Tyrants.  Please, get tested and use protection.  

As for the question of how many, we will never truly know, but any number above 1 is too many.  

Did Machele Dill Sleep with Chris O Rourke?

Did Machele Dill make a trip to sleep with her lover at students expense in Ireland?

By: Keith Wilkes

If you look through the TU files and you read the items about an Ireland Trip, you will quickly start asking questions.

Chris Barnett accompanied his husband George on a trip to Ireland. The Barnett's stayed downtown in the heart of Dublin at the Westin to ensure their safety and security.  

One of the first things Chris noticed after seeing the group together from The University of Tulsa is how friendly Machele Dill and Chris O Rourke were.  They were all over each other.  Students were misled about this trip and Chris continued asking hard questions.  

Machele is married to a very, very large Morbidly Obese man named Ed Dill.  Morbid Obesity isn't anything to joke about.  Its a serious disease.  Chris used to be morbidly obese. The point is, it was obvious due to his large size that there was no way Machele could have any type of sex with her husband.  The only thing she could do is go across the world to get laid.  She was able to do it out of town and without people seeing.  Hey, no Judgement here, but for Winona Tanaka to go on and on about her being a married woman... seriously Winona... where the heck is the guys penis at?  

Chris stands by the allegations that Machele Dill is unqualified to be a professor, should not be a professor, had an affair at students expense and bullied his husband Trey Barnett.  Machele Dill has stalked Chris Barnett and has even gone as far as to complaining to The University of Tulsa about Chris Barnett buying AR-15's legally.  Chris Barnett is a law abiding citizen and a responsible gun owner and yes, owns lots of AR-15's and loves the way they shoot so smoothly and quickly.    Chris owns more than 100 guns and is a firm supporter of the second amendment as well as the first.  Machele simply doesn't like it when the truth is spoke about her, nor does Susan Barrett.  They tried to censor Chris Barnett but since 2014, they have been unsuccessful.  In one email, Vice Provost Winona Tanaka tells staff to be prepared for more attacks against TU.  Attacks?  You mean more truth speak about TU?  

Both claim they had their reputations tarnished.  They had no reputation to begin with and after national news was made because of their actions, any reputation they think they had went out the door.  Do a google search for either of the ole bats and you'll see they have no credibility.   Don't forget to google Kimberly Wilkens.  Super Racist and there is a video of Kimberly Wilken's using the N word so loosely.  

Machele Dill is an ugly CUNT starved for attention.  Lose some weight you fat bitch.  No one wants to smell your ugly morbidly obese attention craving ass.  And yes, she smells worse than 10 day old sweat.  I just vomited.  

How many UniversityofTulsa Students has Machele Dill Fucked

Machele Dill reportedly has fucked numerous college students

Its not a secret.  Heck, much isn't a secret at The University of Tulsa.  It's not a first class school.  It's run by trash such as Machele Dill.  She has been seen providing alcohol to underage minors in an attempt to sleep with them, attempts which were successful.  We're currently investigating to see if any students have brought any rape allegations against Machele Dill and if they have, has Winona Tanaka covered it up?  We're also looking into other allegations that Machele Dill has used her position as a professor and abused her power over her students to force them to have sex with her.  Yes, this is all true and its sad because its known well what happens at that nasty college.  So if you send your kids here, do so at your own peril and hope they don't end up with HIV like Michael Hunt.  Has The University of Tulsa once investigated these allegations against alleged rapist Machele Dill?  Nope.  In fact, it is said she made such a big deal out of the non existent Trey Barnett Saga to cover up her sexual relations with both Male and Female students taking place at that time.    Again, look at Machele's husband.  There is no way they can have sex, so obviously she has to get it some where.  Macheles husband is just plaint gross and so fat he can barely fit into a vehicle.  Machele hasn't had any dick since she saw Chris O Rourke.  Machele now eats any cooter she can get when she can't plow students with roofies to sleep with them.  These are the actions of a woman who likes to play the victim card for attention.  If anyone is a victim, it is the students she has sexually assaulted and raped.  It's no secret that students often refereed to Michael Hunt as Michael Cunt because he was a terrible person.  May his poor, lonely, HIV infected soul rest in hell with John Patrick Cremin where they belong.  

Machele Dill is a nasty, ugly woman.  We're not even sure she is a woman, but we are going to give her that label.  She lacks any real talent and to prove this, The University of Tulsa is finally getting rid of the failing theater department, because as stated over and over again, it doesn't lead to any careers, just kids playing around with no real future ahead of themselves.  


Wayne Paulison

Is Wayne Paulison a homosexual? His Son is.

Sources say yes.  We really don't care.  We just want to have him deposed and want to get the truth about what really happened regarding Trey Barnett.  We really don't care if you are gay Wayne, we wish you the best, but tell the truth and let us know about your really bad temper.  We're going to ask, and yes you will have to tell.  

Is Tulsa Attorney John Lackey a Child Molester?

John Lackey tell's Federal Court he's been called a child molester

When University of Tulsa attorney John Lackey filed a frivolous action in Federal Court, he knew what he was doing.  He was filing an action to harass Christopher Barnett.  Child Molester and attorney John David Lackey of the law firm Paul and Lackey, also a liar, corrupt and can't be trusted tells the court an Emergency Restraining order is necessary because Chris Barnett has purchased guns... and has published ... wait for it... publicly available information on his website.  The Federal Judge then goes on to educate this moron John Lackey and tell him what a prior restraint is, and the court can't impose it just because he doesn't like the speech of someone else, or that a law abiding citizen owns a gun or lots of guns.  No laws have been broken, so why did this so called great attorney bring a frivolous action?  He did it in bad faith and to harass Chris Barnett because of his free speech and support for the 2nd amendment. .  This University and this homosexual child molesting attorney John Lackey has such a problem with guns, but they sure don't mind their rent a cops carrying guns on campus.  John Lackey lost his frivolous court filing.  Chris Barnett plans to file a separate lawsuit against John Lackey for the action and seek damages for the court cost and attorney fees.  Chris Barnett also plans to depose homosexual Judge Terrence Kern.  It's been reported that Terrence Kern and Jefferson Sellers Delapp have carried on a love affair and communicate often about cases even though they shouldn't.  Sellers-Delapp claims he is a mormon but it has come out that he is actually a satanist and has received oral sex from Patrick Cremin and John Lackey on Multiple Occasions.  I bet Sellers-Delapp has a 3 inch pecker just like John Lackey's 2 inch pecker and Pat Cremins non exist pecker. I heard Pat Takes out his false teeth when he's giving head to Sellers-Delapp.  How disgusting. Inject them with AIDS.  Michal Hunt left this world too early.  He had three more people to sleep with.  John Lackey has been seen purchasing Children from attorney Matthew Primm.  Matthew Primm is reported to be the #1 provider of child sex slaves to Tulsa Judges and Attorneys and all employees at The University of Tulsa.  

Update: May 18, 2019:  John Lackey's drug arrest... we found what he had tried to cover up and get rid of.  If you hire John Lackey as your attorney, you are hiring a junkie.  He isn't reformed, he's just a junkie.  


University of Tulsa Winona Tanaka

How dumb is Winona Tanaka?

Pretty dumb.  She's been caught in her lies and she keeps digging herself in deeper.  She will likely die in her sleep of natural causes before litigation is ever ended with TU because of her failings.  Her legacy will be the discrimination by her against Trey Barnett and Chris Barnett.  Her legacy will be how she instructed Susan Barrett to lie and helped Susan Barrett write a false compliant against University of Tulsa student Trey Barnett.  

Winona Tanaka said to be planning to make The University of Tulsa the next parkland and is said to be planning huge school shooting in an effort to raise money for the broken University of Tulsa.  

If Winona has ever done anything good in her life, no one will remember.  They will only remember all the bad she did.  They will only remember her Nazi style tactics and her lack of respect for free speech.  

People will remember Winona Tanaka as a racist, bigot, homophobe and worse.  

Winona Tanaka likely learned from Hitler himself.  It's a true shame that this person calls herself an educator of higher education but chose the route of obvious lying instead of setting an example and protecting the real victims of bullying.  Winona took the actions she took intentionally because she let a much younger person get the best of her.  That person being Chris Barnett.  It drove Winona Crazy that she couldn't do anything to Chris Barnett because he wasn't a student, so she had to lash out at his then boyfriend.   Chris spoke many times about how The University of Tulsa was a waste of money.  Winona proved Chris right over and over again.  

Winona Tanaka will not be missed when she dies.  Hopefully she goes peacefully so no one has to deal with her.  Perhaps her family will donate her body just to save money.  Who knows.  We know that Winona is one terrible person and if you want to see what lying will get you, look no further than Winona Tanaka, Patrick Cremin, Susan Barrett and Machele Dill.  

Winona will also be remembered as the Vice Provost who protected a rapist and vilified a student.  She should have protected the student but athletes were more important.  Winona, when you are dead and gone, no one will miss you.  No one at TU or otherwise.  

Winona Tanaka will have a legacy of discrimination, trying to stop others from participating in their Government and trying to stop the Government from being transparent.  

The news of Winona Tanaka's death will be a celebration and an end to her tyrant leadership.  She has already been demoted from Provost to a professor.  Many former and current University of Tulsa students pray daily for the death of dumb bitch Winona Tanaka.  It can't come soon enough.  She will be joining bastard John Patrick Cremin and bastard Michael Cunt in hell soon.  How she dies is likely from a stroke.  Due to her carelessness and disregard for others, those of us here at TFO hope she suffers an agonizing stroke and suffers for a few weeks before kicking the bucket.  

As of June 14, 2019 Winona Tanaka has been personally served with a subpoena to appear for a deposition in the lawsuit filed against The University of Tulsa by George Barnett.  It doesn't take a Psychic to know that the good ole bigots over at Hall Estill will do anything to stop the depositions from taking place because the truth will come out.  Hall Estill can only stall for so much longer.  A motion for summary Judgement is to be filed soon.  Hall Estill has done nothing to defend the valid lawsuit filed against The University of Tulsa.  They haven't even asked for the lawsuit to be dismissed which is usually the first step taken by all attorney's.  

Dumb bitch CUNT Winona Tanaka.  Dear Lord, please give her a lethal stroke.  She deserves it.

Dumb bitch CUNT Winona Tanaka. Dear Lord, please give her a lethal stroke. She deserves it.

Tulsa County Sheriff's Office ORA

An open records request was sent to the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office seeking information about the large amount of deputies they use for hearings anytime Chris and Trey Barnett are present for a hearing.  Why are such a large amount of tax dollars being wasted on this?

Open Records Request to Tulsa County Sheriff's Office (pdf)


William Carter E-mails... 36 of them yeah right!

By Chris Barnett:  Here are files, which are public record which show public corruption and conspricy with Tulsa Community College and The University of Tulsa.  We are filing a motion to hold William Carter in contempt of court.  They did not comply with the Subpoena and we found documents that were with held for no reason what so ever.  What is TCC hiding?  A lot.  Blantant discrimination against Christopher and Trey Barnett.  A new subpoena is being sent out to TCC to obtain more information.  A grand jury investigation is coming because they won't comply with the law.  

36 emails from William Carter, TCC with holds e-mails illegally (pdf)